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The Joe prospect is a stratigraphic channel fill and overbank sand body that trends to the northwest on the northern part of the Orinduik Block in approximately 700 meters of water.
The conglomerate and sandstone lithofacies associations were deposited by channels and shoreface processes, whereas coastal processes in delta-plain setting deposited overbank fines lithofacies association (including coal).
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Wetland and riparian plants are adapted to the saturated soils and high water tables that typify these environments, although frequency, duration, and magnitude of overbank flooding events may also significantly affect riparian vegetation assemblages (Mitsch and Gosselink, 2007; Goebel et al, 2012).
Another fluvial feature that we can identify is the overbank hillocks, the Mithropoly Hill and the Negru Voda Hill.
The sandstone-rich overbank motif is similar to well-drained deposits in the overlying Joggins and Springhill Mines formations (Davies et al.
Storm flooding with water overbank occurred almost every year.
Geomorphic processes affecting the formation of floodplains have also been well studied and indicate that floodplains are formed by a combination of relatively frequent within-channel or bankfull flows driving lateral channel migration and overbank flow processes driving vertical accretion and channel switching (e.g., [6-9]).
One explanation for the smaller impact might be the fact that the overbank flood volume was not much larger than the bankfull flood at the river outlet.
My assessment of where the lapse in SA began was during the initiation of the first overbank and pull toward the horizon, as I gained visual of my lead and tried to maintain sight.
| Construction of menage, Overbank Cottage, Sunny Bank Lane, Southowram.