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v. o·ver·bid, o·ver·bid·den (-bĭd′n) or o·ver·bid, o·ver·bid·ding, o·ver·bids
1. To outbid (a person) for something, as at an auction.
2. Games To bid more than the value of (one's hand in bridge, for example).
To bid higher than the actual value of something.
n. (ō′vər-bĭd′)
A bid higher than another bid.

o′ver·bid′der n.


(Card Games) someone who overbids, esp in the game of bridge
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The proposed tenant who therefore volunteers to pay 10 years' rent up front; an overbidder well in excess of an already inflated guide price; the purchaser whose gearing is as low as his apparent asset strength levels - all of these are scenarios where the reasonably competent property agent may risk stretches at Her Majesty's pleasure if he otherwise fails to report.
Among other things, a qualifying overbidder must provide a purchase price at least $600,000 greater than the Koo Koo Roo purchase price which includes cash of at least $9.
In an example from Colchester in 1429 such an overbidder is described as a forestaller.