(ō′vər-blous′, -blouz′)
A blouse fashioned for wearing outside the waistband of a skirt or slacks.


(Clothing & Fashion) a blouse designed to be worn not tucked into trousers or a skirt but to fit loosely over the waist or hips


(ˈoʊ vərˌblaʊs, -ˌblaʊz)

a blouse designed to be worn outside the waistband of a skirt or a pair of slacks.
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In a light-gray cotton dress from Guess topped by a designer peach overblouse, J-Lo seems relaxed about what many are viewing as a comeback in rom-com "The Back-up Plan," which opens today.
By the 1920s everyone in the Southwest recognized the folded pleats and gathers and tiers of the Navajo skirt and the velveteen overblouse made resplendent with turquoise and silver.
Basic SU components include a short-sleeved khaki shirt for men and a short sleeved khaki overblouse for women; black trousers with black belt and silver buckle for men and black beltless slacks for women.
Long-sleeve, silk gazar shawl-collar overblouse with large bow worn over hand-embroidered above-the-knee beaded skirt, by B.
Three-piece ensemble by Anna Sui with printed velvet overblouse and matching long-sleeve velvet bolero edged in fur, worn over velvet skirt.
Two of her cloaks were print overblouses that protected her dresses from blackboard eraser dust, slivers of crayons and paint drips.