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Past tense of overcome.
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There he preyed upon the tribes of her own people and had power over Tretus of Nemea and Apesas: yet the strength of stout Heracles overcame him.
and it was all from ennui, gentlemen, all from ennui; inertia overcame me.
He, who had always inspired in herself a respect which almost overcame her affection, she now saw the object of open pleasantry.
But perseverance in humility of conduct and messages, in self-condemnation for Robert's offence, and gratitude for the unkindness she was treated with, procured her in time the haughty notice which overcame her by its graciousness, and led soon afterwards, by rapid degrees, to the highest state of affection and influence.
Real Lives, Incredible Successes: Inspiring People Who Overcame Adversity
Jamaica's Elaine Thomson overcame a niggling hamstring injury to obliterate her rivals in the women's 200 metres final on Wednesday and become the first women since 1988 to secure the Olympics sprint double.
In one semi-final, Jishan Liang overcame a hot Zongqi (Henry) Zhong (2480) 11-9 in the 7th, after being down 1-3 in games and 1-5 in points in the 7th game.
Overcoming Shock: Healing the Traumatized Mind and Heart explores the effects of shock and trauma, and how it reverberates in the body, and offers proven strategies for success and treatment, including real-world examples of people who overcame debilitating effects and post-traumatic shock.
Dormans FIFC overcame Stockton Milehouse 7-2, Marton Rovers comprehensively disposed of Redcar 9-1, and Park End thumped Ormesby CTP 11-0.
On Saturday their Under-16s boys overcame Cumbria 2-1.
Her mother overcame single parenthood for her degree, and Nancy herself overcoming the lack of a diploma, "Peace, Love, and Lemonade" is a great story that will inspire readers to overcome what life lays in front of them.