overcast stitch

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o′vercast stitch`

1. a sewing stitch done by overcasting.
2. a fine embroidery stitch used to create decorative patterns on the thread bundles in openwork or drawn work.
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2), the Overcast Stitch for joining two pieces of material together, and the Running Stitch used to gather material, and also when doing decorative applique.
Next, lay the cuffover the printed or right side cuffend of the sleeve, and either pleat or gather the sleeve end to match the length of the cuff, then stitch all of it together with an overcast stitch TWICE.
Pin to hold, then secure with a close overcast stitch without piercing through to other side of cotton.
Use an overcast stitch with linen thread and a glover's needle, or to get really authentic, pierce the hide with an awl and use sinew.
Use a zigzag, overcast stitch or serging to encase the edges, even on seams that will be enclosed.
Using an overcast stitch, hand stitch the cut edges.
Use a serger 3-thread overlock or the overcast stitch on a conventional sewing machine to stitch close to the hem edge.
Finish the seam allowances using a zigzag or overcast stitch or use a serger, if desired.
Overcast Stitch: This stitch is designed to cover and support a fabric edge and prevent fraying.
David Cary (left) runs a serger, which applies overcast stitches, as son Ty Cary uses a sewing machine to stitch together a game bag.