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"In June 2012, by way of example, Eric Jones signed a form claiming 45,359 uses of concessionary passes, when the true figure was 39,739 - an overclaim of PS6,424 to Gwynedd Council," he said.
'They said to make sure they don't cheat, because they can overclaim.
I for one do not believe that the word 'revolution' is in any way an overclaim for this period we're embarking upon.
integrity, usually measured in terms of overclaim percentages or the
And the rise of extreme rainstorms isn't limited to hurricanes."Heavy precipitation events in most parts of the United States have increased," says the latest draft of the National Climate Assessment, written by scientists who are careful not to overclaim."There is strong evidence," it continues,"that increased water vapour resulting from higher temperatures is the primary cause." The weather around us is changing.
When considering the prototypes, entitleds are the "getters" (see Huseman et al., 1987: 225) whose focus on outcomes, without any tempering effect of benevolence, should lead them to overclaim the most.
Most people don't earn PS45,000 legitimately in a year, let alone overclaim it on expenses.
"He adds humility, which is a point of difference in a category full of overclaim," Dungate said.
We have tried not to 'overclaim' since this is something our research shows brings social value measurement into disrepute.
And as a result of a separate error, it could also have to pay back as much as pounds 397,000 to the Department of Work and Pensions due to an overclaim for housing benefit reimbursement.
Dalrymple, Commissioner of the IRS's Wage and Investment Division, the EIC overclaim rate has reached $9.9 billion or 31.7% of EIC benefits, based on a Treasury study of 1999 returns.
All of these depend on an overclaim for a world/church separation that tends to overlook not only the social-economic forces that govern ideological production in both but that make such an overclaim between church and world possible in the first place.