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n. sobrecierre, cierre de la mandíbula antes de que los dientes superiores e inferiores se junten.
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Lippy at al published a series of 136 patients with ABGs <10 dB, showing that a pure-tone audiogram overclosure of [greater than or equal to] 0 dB can be consistently achieved in cases in which a Robinson stainless steel stapes prosthesis with vein graft is used.
Vertically, the lower lip length decreases in the test group; the decreased bone support and overclosure could be the reasons, which can be confirmed by the decrease in the interlabial gap among the missing teeth group (Table 4), interestingly, upper lip length was decreased as well in group 2, yet this was not significant.
Also, if the reconstructed mandibular basal bone height is reduced, the OVD will increase, and overclosure will also occur with difficulty in bringing the upper and lower teeth into contact, dribbling of saliva, cheek biting, and myofascial/temporomandibular joint pain dysfunction [5].
The contact was chosen to be surface to surface with contact overclosure removal without friction.