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v. o·ver·cor·rect·ed, o·ver·cor·rect·ing, o·ver·cor·rects
To correct beyond what is needed, appropriate, or usual, especially when resulting in a mistake.
To correct something to an excessive or unusual degree.

o′ver·cor·rec′tion n.
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excessive correction
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n. sobrecorrección, acción de corregir en exceso un defecto visual por medio de lentes.
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Modification of rumination in a severely emotionally disturbed child in a public school setting through the use of an overcorrection procedure.
Because pitch command is so sensitive and nose movement so rapid, each control input amounts to an overcorrection. A series of such overcorrections will cause the nose oscillations to increase in amplitude instead of damping out.
I test this hypothesis using a maximum likelihood estimation of procedure duration, DURATION, as a function of deviations from the PLANO standard and a term interacting this variable with the overcorrection indicator variable.
Whether or not the driver's initial actions are defensible, the manufacturer will characterize them as an "overcorrection" or "overcompensation." These words are familiar to jurors and imply blame.
It is important to request overcorrection when submitting an Invisalign case to compensate for possible aligner lag.
These Systems(1) incorporate a non-contact simultaneous application for correction of hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (loss of focus due to natural aging), and overcorrection resulting from PRK and LASIK treatments for myopia.
While a welcome supplement to the reputational analyses, their focus on the discipline's preeminent journal itself represents an overcorrection for the problems with the NRC data.
RK and PRK surgery may result in overcorrection, which renders you farsighted, or undercorrection, which leaves you nearsighted.
That would lead to overcorrection, which would generate more improperly filled packages.
When data include values less than 10%, square root of %EMG + 0.5 was used to avoid overcorrection on low means by the transformation.
The process of smaller and smaller overcorrection continues until the observations converge on the underlying mean.