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Noun1.overcrossing - a bridge designed for pedestriansovercrossing - a bridge designed for pedestrians  
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
gangboard, gangplank, gangway - a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside
jet bridge - an extendible bridge for loading passengers onto large commercial airplanes; provides protected access to the plane from the gate
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When asked about the way he psychologically prepares himself into overcrossing such a vast distance, he expressed his belief that "the distance seems absurdly long, but the trick is to break it down into very small goals."
The project will rehabilitate 67 lane miles of Interstate 5 beginning south of the Elk Grove Boulevard Overcrossing and extending to the American River Viaduct.
SWABI -- Two motorcyclists were crushed to death after hitting a tractor trolley during wrong overcrossing at Tor Dhari stop here on Thursday, police said.
One such crossing, the Keechelus Lake Wildlife Overcrossing, is near completion in the Pacific Northwest, above a six-lane section of 1-90 near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.
Bidding is now open for subcontractors interested in performing work on the Gideon overcrossing project in Southeast Portland.
Crossing Indigenous zebu cows with improved zebu types like Guzerat adapted to tropical climate did not demonstrate an advantage overcrossing with improved B.t.taurus, as previously shown in a study on cattle crossbreeds in Cameroon [19].In general, crossbreeds in West Africa produce 3 to 8 L/day [18, 19], which is above the results obtained in this study, likely because of differences in feeding and milking management.
Scope of works included in the contract include general improvements on State Route 99, the Belle Terrace Overcrossing, the northbound State Route 99/eastbound State Route-58 Connector and local roads.
EDT) Sunday in an area known as Sargent's overcrossing bridge.
I agree with Phillip Barrish that there are good reasons to regard the trajectory leading from William Dean Howells to Richard Rorty as a single "long moment in white American liberalism" (2006, 5), and that we may therefore take advantage of the way realists like Henry James and Wharton "artistically trace and circumscribe the densely overcrossing lines and cracks of social and emotional 'relations'" (6), so as to gain insight into aspects of present-day white liberal culture (both within the United States and, I would add, in its non-American offshoots).
We focus on designing a demand-oriented timetable for a single bidirectional railway line, so that train overcrossing is not necessarily considered.
A better mechanical understanding of the effects of the overcrossing tunneling on the existing tunnels would provide a quick but low cost assessment alternative method for evaluating the behavior of underlying tunnels prior to construction.