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Our Trains are expected to have a nominal production capacity, which is prior to adjusting for planned maintenance, production reliability, potential overdesign, and debottlenecking opportunities, of approximately 4.5 mtpa of LNG per Train, and average run rate adjusted nominal production capacity of approximately 4.7 to 5.0 mtpa of LNG per Train.
"COMMANDassurance allows for visibility between plant and pour, and with that,more than pays for itself by removing the costs of unnecessary truck time in yard and at the jobsite, mix overdesign, and material waste.
* Measuring an outbound material's slump, temperature, volume and other properties, and sending such data back to production personnel, enables proactive adjustments to future loads to reduce mix overdesign, eliminate rejected loads, and ensure quality.
The director of the structur and earthquake engineering laboratory at Turkey's Middle East Technical University told Construction Week that precast systems were typically considered weaker compared to site-cast concrete, an assumption with which he said he disagreed: "That [perceived] weakness is compensated through overdesign, which is not rational.
According to the company, it owns and operates liquefied natural gas regasification facilities and plans to construct up to six natural gas liquefaction trains with an expected aggregate nominal production capacity, which is prior to adjusting for planned maintenance, production reliability and potential overdesign, of 27 mtpa.
* In many forms of modularity, the total weight of the modular vehicle will be greater than that of a unique vehicle, due to overdesign for some variants, parasitic structure, and possible extra sensors, powertrains, communication devices, etc., if the modules are capable of independent mobility.
"When I come home I want a sanctuary," says Bedoya, who doesn't like clutter or overdesign. Her preferred style is contemporary with a selective if minimalist approach.
However, closing existing knowledge gaps associated with the safety and reliability of the pipeline transport of C[O.sub.2] has the potential to reduce uncertainty and avoid unnecessary overdesign of the pipelines.
He continues: "A misconception about MEP engineers is that they think within a box, that they are non-creative and inflexible, and that the overdesign with equipment that takes up a lot of the client's valuable useable space."
"I don't want to overdesign." He says he's looking to go full-time with Primary in the future.