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tr.v. o·ver·de·vel·oped, o·ver·de·vel·op·ing, o·ver·de·vel·ops
1. To develop to excess: muscles that were overdeveloped by weightlifting.
2. To process (a photographic plate or film) too long or in too concentrated a solution.

o′ver·de·vel′op·ment n.


[ˌəʊvədɪˈveləpmənt] Nsuperdesarrollo m
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They also say it is an overdevelopment of the site and a proposed play area will attract youths and create noise problems.
This is just another example of rampant overdevelopment taking place in Southern California.
But locals, who are due to start a petition against the plans, say it will be overdevelopment of the site.
But Kenilworth town councillors, who are continuing to object to the plans on the grounds of overdevelopment and road safety issues.
Councillor Nigel Howells added: "The plans put forward were a complete overdevelopment of the site and we hope the developers will now take local feeling into account in drawing up any alternative proposals.
One resident, Graeme Lilico, said: "I believe a curb on overdevelopment of substantial propertiesmust nowbe initiated before the nature of Yarm Road is lost forever.
The council's planning chiefs rejected the plans on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site and the designs not being in keeping with the area.
Residents felt the proposal would lead to an overdevelopment of the area, which would destroy the character of the village.
They claim it will spoil the nearby Shottery conserv-ation area and lead to traffic, noise and safety problems, while Stratford Town Council has lodged a strong objection on the grounds of overdevelopment.
Many residents of Beulah Road and nearby Heol-y-Bont have voiced concerns about the potential loss of trees and overdevelopment of the area.
Ward councillor Helen McLuckie had objected, suggesting it was overdevelopment and intrusive for people visiting the cemetery to allow the roof space to be developed.
More than 2,000 people objected saying the scheme would not only mean losing the pub but would also lead to overdevelopment and traffic problems.