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tr.v. o·ver·de·vel·oped, o·ver·de·vel·op·ing, o·ver·de·vel·ops
1. To develop to excess: muscles that were overdeveloped by weightlifting.
2. To process (a photographic plate or film) too long or in too concentrated a solution.

o′ver·de·vel′op·ment n.


[ˌəʊvədɪˈveləpmənt] Nsuperdesarrollo m
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A total of 32 letters of objection have been submitted against the home plans, with main concerns including: | Overdevelopment of |the site; Overdevelopment of |Yarm causing overcrowding and congestion; Insufficient parking; | Increase in traffic/ | highway safety; Manoeuvrability for |delivery vehicles; Drainage problems, |and No need for extra hous-|ing.
The outline scheme was opposed by local councillors and a residents' action group, which said it would be an inappropriate, unsustainable overdevelopment that would ruin the character of the village.
But Acklington Parish Council has objected, as it is concerned by overdevelopment of the Grade II-listed building within a conservation area, and impact on local residents and the area's infrastructure.
The Schnitzer Cinema season closes Wednesday with a screening of Miguel Coyula's "Memories of Overdevelopment," and Coyula himself will be in attendance.
As to the rest of my letter, whether you take me seriously or not is of no concern to me, but if you doubt my integrity (which you have now questioned twice in your letters to the Examiner) you can always speak to the many other Emley residents who have worked so hard writing letters of objection, organising petitions and leaflet drops as well as attending meetings in our attempts to defend our rural community from overdevelopment.
NEVER has our natural and cultural environment been under so much threat of destruction and concrete overdevelopment.
An Bord Pleanal a rejected the high-rise complex on Friday branding it a gross overdevelopment - almost a year after the Council passed most of it.
Councillors wanted developers to speak with council officials in a bid to iron out concerns about materials, the three-storey height of the development and fears it was an overdevelopment of the site.
Terrence Malick and Robert Redford produced this contemplative documentary that equates overdevelopment with cancer, and makes a pretty good case (visually, at least) for the comparison.
Warwick District Council refused the scheme saying it was overdevelopment in Leamington's conservation area.
When is Sue Essex going to get a grip on the public scandal of overdevelopment in Ceredigion?
There is no overdevelopment in Chelsea," she said, matter-of-factly.