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The condition of a heterozygote having a phenotype that is more pronounced or better adapted than that of either homozygote.

o′ver·dom′i·nant adj.
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excessively dominant
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A single locus analysis including pairwise SNP x SNP interaction was conducted using the SNPassoc (version 1.9.2) under the assumption of the four genetic models (codominant, dominant, recessive and overdominant).
Meanwhile, the overdominant model also showed that the CT genotype could significantly reduce the susceptibility to SV (SV vs.
Genotypic association analysis in a case-control pattern assuming codominant, dominant, recessive, and overdominant genetic models was performed using SNPstats.
Model Genotype OR (CI 95%) p value AIC Codominant G/A 0.835 (0.381-1.828) 0.652 207.599 A/A 0.722 (0.294-2.031) 0.600 Dominant G/A + A/A 0.815 (0.393-1.690) 0.582 205.963 Recessive A/A 0.858 (0.364-2.022) 0.726 205.802 Overdominant G/A 0.924 (0.462-1.851) 0.824 205.877 Additive A allele 0.873 (0.540-1.411) 0.580 205.619 ON: optic neuritis; OR: odd ratio; CI: confidence interval; p value: significance level (alpha = 0.05); AIC: Akaike information criterion.
The multiple logistic regression overdominant models were showed that the G/A genotype is associated with the risk of schizophrenia [OR=1.79; 95% CI: 1.03-2.58; p < 0.05] among patients that had relative with schizophrenia.
To determine whether the inheritance mode is overdominant, the [h.sub.adjusted] value has been calculated, and the [h.sub.adjusted] = 2.57 strongly suggests that the inheritance mode of the rs10891644 variation is overdominant.
Heterosis that is caused by heterozygosity in single loci is responsible for survival rate by increasing reproductive fitness [22], Hayes and Miller (2000) showed that dominance effect was needed in mate selection to exploit previously untapped genetic variation [23], while Dekkers and Chakraborty (2004) stressed maximization of crossbred performance by incorporating information from overdominant QTL [24], Kim et al [8] found that many QTL for growth and carcass quality had a (over) dominant mode of gene action in a cross between Angus and Brahman cattle [8], The use of dominance effects in a scenario of genomic selection increases the accuracy of estimated breeding values and still offers the opportunity of applying mate-allocation.
However, at this QTL, the B6 allele was associated with higher HDL-CHO concentrations with an overdominant inheritance mode.
Mei et al., "Overdominant epistatic loci are the primary genetic basis of inbreeding depression and heterosis in rice.
The association tests were realized to the codominant, dominant, recessive, overdominant, and log-additive genetic inheritance models.
And in the latest sign that Mr Corbyn's campaign intends to highlight Mr Smith's background as an employee of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the Labour leader said at his launch: "I hope that Owen will fully agree with me that our NHS should be free at the point of use, should be run by publicly employed workers, working for the NHS, not for private contractors, and that medical research shouldn't be farmed out to big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and others but should be funded through the medical research council as a way of developing those drugs and not allowing the private pharma companies [to] become overdominant in the way the NHS provides [medicine]."
They stated that if the heterosis is manifested by the parents with high x high, low x high and low x low general combining ability, it indicated the involvement of additive, additive genes with complementary effects, overdominant and epistasis gene interactions, respectively.