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Excessively eager; too ardent or impatient.

o′ver·ea′ger·ly adv.
o′ver·ea′ger·ness n.


excessive eagerness
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Then Williams put in a forceful hit for which he would have been applauded had a shoulder not driven into an Italian face: that overeagerness thing again.
As lay people saw it, the display of overeagerness to acquit was quite blatant.
Moreover, as some (6,7) have observed, diagnosis of the disease suffers from a paradoxical combination of underrecognition and overrecognition--underrecognition due to unfamiliarity, and overrecognition due to overeagerness to demonstrate familiarity.
We have condemned to a life grief child potential will INDIA'S He said she asked him to put pressure on her neck and he accidentally killed her "in my overeagerness to please her".
Some will argue that his article is based on an implicit rebuke of the United States--many Sunni Arabs have criticized Washington for its perceived overeagerness to normalize relations with Iran at their expense, and for its unwillingness to intervene in Syria to stop the mass slaughter there.
Faulkner implies that white descendants' overeagerness to believe such a theatrical version of race constitutes perhaps the most dangerous quality of a South rushing towards modernization in the late nineteenth century.
Tigers mounted a last, desperate attack in the final moments and captain Slater came within two metres of the line but Graham Kitchener's overeagerness got the better of him and James was able to clear the danger.
7 FABIO DA SILVA Again looked a liability in defence that undermines eagerness, all too often overeagerness, to go forward.
McLaren encourages us to "first do no harm" and then by moving from an over-literal reliance on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and an overeagerness to prescribe too quickly and too often, (hopefully) do a great deal of good.