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Excessively eager; too ardent or impatient.

o′ver·ea′ger·ly adv.
o′ver·ea′ger·ness n.
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excessive eagerness
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'Cardema's overeagerness to be a youth-sector party-list representative does not erase his being overaged to do so,' the group said.
But the performer has said his shyness has been "crippling" and his overeagerness to please those around him stemmed from a fear of being abandoned, which began with the sudden loss of his father when he was a child aged "around seven".
But Robins reckons Hiwula's overeagerness to score his first Sky Blues goal is inhibiting his play.
Ordered by the Court to decide on whether there is probable cause against the four petitioners, Turla seemingly forgot what she had found, about the overeagerness of justice department officials under Arroyo and the improper conduct of the preliminary investigation, and issued arrest warrants against the four ex-lawmakers.
Then Williams put in a forceful hit for which he would have been applauded had a shoulder not driven into an Italian face: that overeagerness thing again.
Moreover, as some (6,7) have observed, diagnosis of the disease suffers from a paradoxical combination of underrecognition and overrecognition--underrecognition due to unfamiliarity, and overrecognition due to overeagerness to demonstrate familiarity.
We have condemned to a life grief child potential will INDIA'S He said she asked him to put pressure on her neck and he accidentally killed her "in my overeagerness to please her".
Her attacker claimed the sex had been consensual and that Ms Chipchase's death in his grim rented terraced home had been down to his "overeagerness" in bed.
Some will argue that his article is based on an implicit rebuke of the United States--many Sunni Arabs have criticized Washington for its perceived overeagerness to normalize relations with Iran at their expense, and for its unwillingness to intervene in Syria to stop the mass slaughter there.