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Noun1.overexploitation - exploitation to the point of diminishing returns
exploitation, development - the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
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High water demand in irrigation areas often leads to intensive pumping and overexploitation of specific water sources.
But the country--which has relied heavily on fossil fuels and overexploitation of natural resources--needs to further adapt its economy toward a more sustainable and ecofriendly growth model.
However, sovereignty disputes have limited the implementation of effective measures to protect these resources from overexploitation and destructive fishing.
Overexploitation remains the foremost threat to the species, primarily as a result of unsustainable levels of hunting and poaching, it said.
Soil analysis in Tunisia has shown low soil fertility, which is due to several climate-related factors (water scarcity, irregular rainfall), topography and soil precariousness as well as overexploitation of natural resources, he explained.
Scientists suggest various factors contributing to this impending disaster which includes climate change, habitat loss, invasive organisms, overexploitation, pollution and toxification.
At the same time, it will contribute to the development of the main economic drivers, the agricultural and tourism sectors, and the conservation of aquifers in the region, therefore preventing their overexploitation.
Arguing that planned obsolescence is unsustainable, involving overexploitation of natural resources and the overproduction of waste, Pope, an environmental law and bio-law lecturer, researcher, and lawyer, examines the unethical practice of strategically making products prematurely obsolete, and its causes, history, cost, consequences, and impact, as well as models for more sustainable patterns of production and consumption and actions to address this practice, including political, legal, and judicial instruments.
Wildlife is also being hit by overexploitation, climate change and pollution, the report warned.
A severe reduction in their population has been caused mainly by the destruction of their native habitat in Colombia, the illegal pet trade and overexploitation for biomedical research.
At that point in time in the United States, wildlife was becoming scarce due to more than a century of overexploitation.
Water is rapidly becoming a scarce resource in Mexico because of overexploitation of water resources, uneven conservation efforts around the country, and the impact of climate change.