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1. An outer coat of glaze on a piece of pottery.
2. A painted or printed decoration applied over a glaze.
tr.v. (ō′vər-glāz′, ō′vər-glāz′) o·ver·glazed, o·ver·glaz·ing, o·ver·glaz·es
To apply an overglaze to.
Applied or designed for applying over a ceramic glaze.


(Ceramics) (of decoration or colours) applied to porcelain or pottery above the glaze


(n., adj. ˈoʊ vərˌgleɪz; v. ˌoʊ vərˈgleɪz, ˈoʊ vərˌgleɪz)

n., v. -glazed, -glaz•ing,
adj. n.
1. a color or glaze applied to an existing glaze.
2. to cover or decorate with an overglaze.
3. used as an overglaze.
4. (of decorations) applied over a glaze.
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Metallic oxides in the overglaze create the iridescent metallic appearance.
Tenders are invited for Paint gold-bearing, overglaze for the decoration of porcelain.
As well as this I have added overglaze as just another layer in the ceramic continuum.
They included John Skeaping, who modelled a series of highly stylised - and today highly collectable - wild animals; Eric Ravilious, who engraved fascinating patterns for a revival of black overglaze printing, Daisy Makeig-Jones's amazing Fairyland Lustre and Keith Murray.
When his employer realized his talent, he schooled Chen in fine-brush and overglaze painting - as well as traditional but difficult watercolor-on-silk peacocks - before the young man emigrated with his parents to San Francisco, where his grandmother lived, when he was 20 years old.
Most of these forms derive from Western prototypes in other materials, such as the pair of Qing spice boxes and covers of around 1730-40, decorated in overglaze enamels of the famille rose palette (Fig.
Most of the available information relates to the soft or on-glaze" luster which lacks permanence and depth but is more consistent in performance and combines easily with regular overglaze practice.
The artist exploits the tension between the object's highly-formal, classicizing shape (a baluster-form vase resting on a tapered conical base) and the seemingly casual and spontaneous nature of its painted decoration and overglaze.
Nails Inc Gossip Girl Overglaze effect, pounds 20 per kit (www.
The collection is distinguished by a special overglaze technique and its ruby red color - the latter is based on a recipe from the 1770s by company-founder Frantz Heinrich Muller.
Strong textures, seasoned surfaces, and rich neutrals prevail, The entry hall walls, finished by decorative painter Ann Beard, are glazed in a deep brick red with a taupe overglaze to suggest Venetian plasterwork, with planned imperfections completing the illusion.
In a room at the back of the hacienda Guevara grabs a large, flat wooden paddle and thoroughly stirs a vat full of tin oxide-based glaze which, when fired, will form the smooth, vitreous, off-white ground for the overglaze decoration.