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1. An outer coat of glaze on a piece of pottery.
2. A painted or printed decoration applied over a glaze.
tr.v. (ō′vər-glāz′, ō′vər-glāz′) o·ver·glazed, o·ver·glaz·ing, o·ver·glaz·es
To apply an overglaze to.
Applied or designed for applying over a ceramic glaze.
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(Ceramics) (of decoration or colours) applied to porcelain or pottery above the glaze
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(n., adj. ˈoʊ vərˌgleɪz; v. ˌoʊ vərˈgleɪz, ˈoʊ vərˌgleɪz)

n., v. -glazed, -glaz•ing,
adj. n.
1. a color or glaze applied to an existing glaze.
2. to cover or decorate with an overglaze.
3. used as an overglaze.
4. (of decorations) applied over a glaze.
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I agreed the meat was overglazed but would have offered to swap if my coley with cockles was not so similar to her starter.
Porcelains with overglazed colors were also used in the Qing Dynasty.
When semi opaque and transparent luster glazes were used with overglazed and under glazed processes interesting results were obtained.
As Frankel noted, if your building is overglazed, some times a second skin can both mitigate the negative effects of too much glazing and contribute to a tight envelope, another requirement in creating an ultra-efficient building.
Meanwhile, complaints about overglazed shrimp produced specifically to pump up weight and rip off consumers, spotlighted last year by findings from a 17-state investigation supervised by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, are apparently still under review by the Food and Drug Administration.
The Breeders blew away fears they might have mellowed after 20 years as they opened with Overglazed. Front woman Kim Deal was backed by shuddering guitars, resounding bass and crashing drums.
The latter is furnished with bunk beds fashioned of thick natural poles, with walls painted a punchy pure orange, then overglazed with pecan stain to mute the impact somewhat.
Their complicated cat and mouse game culminates in the "great overarched and overglazed rotunda." Their relationship
The tiles were overglazed with a clear coat and then transported to the high school for firing.
What they are in fact getting is overglazed IQF product, so they're paying for frozen water."