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tr.v. o·ver·hy·drat·ed, o·ver·hy·drat·ing, o·ver·hy·drates
To cause to take excessive fluids into the body, as through intravenous injection.

o′ver·hy·dra′tion n.
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ua Avoid eating a large amount of food before going to sleep and be well, but not overhydrated, for sound sleep.
If you ask fluid balance experts who perform basic science research on the brain or kidney, or clinicians who specialize in fluid balance disorders, researchers who perform brain scans on dehydrated and overhydrated humans, or even worm investigators, they all agree that water balance is tightly regulated and that all land mammals need to drink when thirsty.
Patients who are overhydrated on hemodialysis are known to have wide pulse pressures (Inrig et al., 2009).
In water, larvae can become overhydrated, with their water content increasing to 120% within 2 h (Yi et al., 2011).
Exclusion Criteria: (i) Any prior surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy; (ii) Overhydrated or dehydrated; (iii) Heart disease with pacemakers (iv) History of alcohol or drug abuse; (v) Any medical condition impacting fluid and electrolyte balance.
Low LTI pts were older and significantly overhydrated and had been on HD for a longer period of time (higher TD) than the normal LTI group (Table 3).
At the beginning of the HD session the patient is overhydrated: for this reason, 2-3 litres (or even more) of water is removed from his blood during the treatment.
WATERLOGGED: THE SERIOUS PROBLEM OF OVERHYDRATION IN ENDURANCE SPORTS provides a detailed coverage on what athletes really need to drink to train and perform their best--and offers insights into the 'drink as much as you can' myth that results in overhydrated athletes.
The neonate had low blood pressure but was anuric and overhydrated. Thus, continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration with the support of an adrenalin infusion was started.