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tr.v. o·ver·hy·drat·ed, o·ver·hy·drat·ing, o·ver·hy·drates
To cause to take excessive fluids into the body, as through intravenous injection.

o′ver·hy·dra′tion n.
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Thus, over the last four years, two high school football players have died during August football practice from overhydrating - a medical condition known as exercise-associated hypernatremia.
Efforts should be made to avoid overhydrating patients because of the risk of developing the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion.
Lifestyle advice includes caffeine reduction (grade B), weight loss for the obese person (grade A), control of constipation (grade C), decrease in fluid intake in patients who are overhydrating and efforts to decrease chronic cough (smoking cessation) (grade C).[sup.2,19] PFMT should be offered as first-line therapy for SUI (grade A).[sup.49] Intensive and supervised PMFT is recommended if available (grade A).[sup.50] The benefit of biofeedback is unknown (grade B).