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Loaded or burdened too heavily.
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packed or loaded beyond capacitytoo heavily burdened
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(ˌoʊ vərˈleɪd n)
excessively burdened.
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Adj.1.overladen - loaded past capacity
full - containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"
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[ˌəʊvəˈleɪdn] ADJsobrecargado (with de)
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Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
The narration should relate to one simple action, consistent with itself, and neither be overladen with a multiplicity of details, nor distracted by a variety of circumstances.
As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin.
Delicate lace ruffles fell over the lean yellow hands that were so overladen with rings.
But my good luck began now to leave me; for this raft was so unwieldy, and so overladen, that, after I had entered the little cove where I had landed the rest of my goods, not being able to guide it so handily as I did the other, it overset, and threw me and all my cargo into the water.
The campaign, involving Liverpool council, police, customs and environmental organisations, also checks whether vehicles used to carry rubbish are taxed, roadworthy or overladen.
TAXPAYERS in the Vale will be footing a pounds 1,000 fine after a ``grossly overladen'' Vale of Glamorgan Council van was stopped by vehicle inspectors.
And so rather than being filled with moments of fun, family life is instead overladen with anxiety about how to afford school uniforms, sports clothes and quite often food and heating.
Unlike other tour guides who are often overladen with dry facts, but not much humour, Lawrence provides a great mix of the two.
It is a play heavily overladen with a sense of English identity - not least through the Olivier film which connected Henry V's "few" directly to Churchill's.
Director Nolan plays tricks with the audience and, despite the ornate trappings, this is at heart a simple story overladen at times with indulgent flashbacks and cinematic devices.
Police fear dire consequences if last week's `chaotic' scenes on the Dee cockle beds, with dangerously overladen boats, are repeated later this month