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Loaded or burdened too heavily.


packed or loaded beyond capacitytoo heavily burdened


(ˌoʊ vərˈleɪd n)
excessively burdened.
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Adj.1.overladen - loaded past capacity
full - containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"


[ˌəʊvəˈleɪdn] ADJsobrecargado (with de)
References in classic literature ?
Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
The narration should relate to one simple action, consistent with itself, and neither be overladen with a multiplicity of details, nor distracted by a variety of circumstances.
As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin.
Delicate lace ruffles fell over the lean yellow hands that were so overladen with rings.
But my good luck began now to leave me; for this raft was so unwieldy, and so overladen, that, after I had entered the little cove where I had landed the rest of my goods, not being able to guide it so handily as I did the other, it overset, and threw me and all my cargo into the water.
They can become overladen by engulfing lipids and can turn into foam cells.
He was later arrested after the police went to an allotment where it had been reported that people were stripping vehicles, and saw him leaving in a van overladen with scrap metal.
He recalled a previous derailment in 1961 under similar circumstances, when an overladen loco slid on the wet tracks.
Pilaf with fragrant saffron, juicy kebab flavored with sumac, over 200 varieties of dolma, buglama and levengi - fish dishes, , shekerbura and pakhlava - sweets , a table overladen with fresh fruits and vegetables and fruit juices - all these are various and original Azerbaijani food.
Another highlight of a trip overladen with them was lunch at the Michelin-starred Maison Decoret restaurant, owned by acclaimed chef and local hero Jacques Decoret.
According to a PRA report, "There were mountains everywhere, linked and overladen with illimitable forests.
Ralph's idealization is overladen with homoerotic tendencies--Ralph "shudder[s]" and "twitche[s] like a cat's tail" when Claude looks at him, fantasizes about being with him all the time, and is tantalized by the thought of Claude having sex with prostitutes: "deeply and secretly Ralph suspected that [Claude] was going to a particular street whose nature he would not allow himself to imagine.