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 (ō′vər-lănd′, -lənd)
Accomplished, traversing, or passing over the land instead of the ocean: an overland journey; an overland route.
By way of land: traveled overland to the ranch.
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adj, adv (prenominal)
over or across land
(Historical Terms) history Austral to drive (cattle or sheep) overland
ˈoverˌlander n
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(ˈoʊ vərˌlænd, -lənd)

1. by, over, or across land.
2. proceeding, performed, or carried on overland.
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Past participle: overlanded
Gerund: overlanding

I overland
you overland
he/she/it overlands
we overland
you overland
they overland
I overlanded
you overlanded
he/she/it overlanded
we overlanded
you overlanded
they overlanded
Present Continuous
I am overlanding
you are overlanding
he/she/it is overlanding
we are overlanding
you are overlanding
they are overlanding
Present Perfect
I have overlanded
you have overlanded
he/she/it has overlanded
we have overlanded
you have overlanded
they have overlanded
Past Continuous
I was overlanding
you were overlanding
he/she/it was overlanding
we were overlanding
you were overlanding
they were overlanding
Past Perfect
I had overlanded
you had overlanded
he/she/it had overlanded
we had overlanded
you had overlanded
they had overlanded
I will overland
you will overland
he/she/it will overland
we will overland
you will overland
they will overland
Future Perfect
I will have overlanded
you will have overlanded
he/she/it will have overlanded
we will have overlanded
you will have overlanded
they will have overlanded
Future Continuous
I will be overlanding
you will be overlanding
he/she/it will be overlanding
we will be overlanding
you will be overlanding
they will be overlanding
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been overlanding
you have been overlanding
he/she/it has been overlanding
we have been overlanding
you have been overlanding
they have been overlanding
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been overlanding
you will have been overlanding
he/she/it will have been overlanding
we will have been overlanding
you will have been overlanding
they will have been overlanding
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been overlanding
you had been overlanding
he/she/it had been overlanding
we had been overlanding
you had been overlanding
they had been overlanding
I would overland
you would overland
he/she/it would overland
we would overland
you would overland
they would overland
Past Conditional
I would have overlanded
you would have overlanded
he/she/it would have overlanded
we would have overlanded
you would have overlanded
they would have overlanded
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An automobile made by the Overland Co. of Indianapolis, IN from 1905–1907, and later by the Willys-Overland Company of Toledo, OH.
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Adj.1.overland - traveling or passing over land; "an overland journey"; "the overland route used by Marco Polo"
terrestrial - operating or living or growing on land
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A. [ˌəʊvəˈlænd] ADVpor tierra, por vía terrestre
B. [ˈəʊvəlænd] ADJterrestre
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adj [route] → par la route
the overland route → l'itinéraire par la route
adv [travel] → par voie de terre
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[ˈəʊvəˌlænd] adv & adjper via di terra
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References in classic literature ?
Neoptolemus, warned by Thetis, journeys overland and, coming into Thrace, meets Odysseus at Maronea, and then finishes the rest of his journey after burying Phoenix who dies on the way.
Well, on this night, broke, thirsty, but with the drinker's faith in the unexpected drink, Nelson and I sat in the Overland House waiting for something to turn up, especially politicians.
PLANISTON--(1) The Five Thousand Kilometre (overland) was won last year by L.
The ship (barring accidents) will touch at no other port on her way out; and the authorities at Bombay (already communicated with by letter, overland) will be prepared to board the vessel, the moment she enters the harbour.
They said if we would go, they would not only telegraph the Emperor, but send a special courier overland to announce our coming.
The next day Plesser and two other Germans came down overland for ammunition.
Drawbaugh's defeat sent the Bell stock up once more, and brought on a Xerxes' army of opposition which called itself the "Overland Company." Having learned that no one claim- ant could beat Bell in the courts, this company massed the losers together and came forward with a scrap-basket full of patents.
Instead of going by the Persian Gulf, I travelled a considerable way overland, and finally embarked from a distant Indian port with a captain who meant to make a long voyage.
At last, in the exigency to which I was reduced, I proposed to Toby that he should endeavour to go round to Nukuheva, and if he could not succeed in returning to the valley by water, in one of the boats of the squadron, and taking me off, he might at least procure me some proper medicines, and effect his return overland.
Down the dusty high roads defiled long streams of heavily-laden mules, all heading to the west, for the gold fever had broken out in California, and the Overland Route lay through the City of the Elect.
As the Indians at that town possessed horses in abundance, he might purchase a sufficient number of them for his great journey overland, which would commence at that place.
Tarzan and Otobu declined the offers of the British captain to accompany his force overland on the return march as Tarzan explained that his country lay to the west, as did Otobu's, and that they would travel together as far as the country of the Wamabos.