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o·ver·lay 1

tr.v. o·ver·laid (-lād′), o·ver·lay·ing, o·ver·lays
1. To lay or spread over or on.
a. To cover the surface of with a decorative layer or design: overlay wood with silver.
b. To embellish superficially: a simple tune that was overlaid with ornate harmonies.
3. Printing To put an overlay on.
4. To create (a new area code) having the same boundaries as another: In Maryland, area code 240 was overlaid on top of area code 301.
n. (ō′vər-lā′)
1. Something that is laid over or covers something else.
2. A layer of decoration, such as gold leaf or wood veneer, applied to a surface.
3. Printing A piece of paper used on a press tympan to vary the pressure that produces light and dark tones.
4. A transparent sheet containing graphic matter, such as labels or colored areas, placed on illustrative matter to be incorporated into it.
5. An area code whose boundaries are the same as another area code.

o·ver·lay 2

Past tense of overlie.
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archaic the act or instance of suffocating a child by rolling onto it
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I noticed that its iron plates, slightly overlaying each other, resembled the shell which clothes the bodies of our large terrestrial reptiles.
The carpet - of Saxony material - is quite half an inch thick, and is of the same crimson ground, relieved simply by the appearance of a gold cord (like that festooning the curtains) slightly relieved above the surface of the ground, and thrown upon it in such a manner as to form a succession of short irregular curves - one occasionally overlaying the other.