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1. A lord having power or supremacy over other lords.
2. One in a position of supremacy or domination over others.

o′ver·lord′ship n.
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Noun1.overlordship - the position of overlord
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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[ˈəʊvəlɔːdʃɪp] N (feudal) → señoría f; (= leadership) → jefatura f suprema
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As I walked, my eyes were bent upon the beach so that it was not until I had come quite upon it that I discovered that which shattered all my beautiful dream of solitude and safety and peace and primal overlordship. The thing was a hollowed log drawn upon the sands, and in the bottom of it lay a crude paddle.
Almost three decades earlier, Ho Chi Minh had also sought, at Versailles in 1919, to win the support of US president Woodrow Wilson towards liberating Vietnam from French overlordship. Even back then, Ho was more than a radical nationalist in the best sense of the term, militantly challenging imperialism in an internationalist context inspired by both Lenin and Gandhi.
The bitter memories of the decades under Japanese overlordship remain in the historical memory of not just South Korea but North Korea as well.
By disseminating these facts persuasively to foreign governments and decision-making centres, the necessary international pressure upon Turkey may be forthcoming once the West realizes that its interests can best be served by a truly independent and sovereign Cyprus and not one that will effectively be under Turkish overlordship.
Tellingly, many of Mitsotakis' hoped-for economic reforms are subject to IMF and ECB overlordship and review before they may go into effect.
"The English kings' claim to overlordship of Scotland remained in force, so in 1320 Bruce had the Declaration of Arbroath drawn up, addressed to the Pope and asserting Scotland's right to be a free kingdom.
There are jackdaws in the broch's wood, and gulls cruise the fields too, but their presence is toned down, as if the huge spaces of land and sky and the overlordship of mountains have a restraining effect on them.
In the period of Kushan overlordship, we find an extraordinary effort at assimilation and adaptation, and by the 1st century AD many Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian gods were imaged for the first time and coins are critical evidence of this.
If you are a one percenter today, you no longer need to be in the subject position, screaming, claiming, and performing your entitlement to overlordship like President Obasanjo.
The Chronicle was compiled on the orders of Alfred the Great, Burgred's brother-in-law, and is considered by modern scholars to be biased and politically motivated, written with a view of strengthening the claims of Alfred and his son, Edward the Elder, to the eventual overlordship of Mercia.
These were staffed by tens of thousands of Indian civil servants and soldiers who not only accepted British overlordship but also had an unspoken admiration for the caste system that their masters and memsahibs had brought with them.
But that is gradually giving way to an even more tangible irritation at India's clumsy overlordship.