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1. A lord having power or supremacy over other lords.
2. One in a position of supremacy or domination over others.

o′ver·lord′ship n.
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Noun1.overlordship - the position of overlord
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"


[ˈəʊvəlɔːdʃɪp] N (feudal) → señoría f; (= leadership) → jefatura f suprema
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As I walked, my eyes were bent upon the beach so that it was not until I had come quite upon it that I discovered that which shattered all my beautiful dream of solitude and safety and peace and primal overlordship.
During his conquests, Timur himself had left most of the regional dynasties of Iran and Transoxiana in place as long as they had recognized his overlordship.
But no previous study has examined all the sources Harvey treats here with an eye to how they illuminate parish life: her sources include records of the bishop's consistory court and the archidiaconal court, church court records of the metropolitan court, parish financial records, secular court records of the bishop's and prior's secular overlordship and the bishop's representation of the king's royal prerogative, records of matters touching on parish and the clergy more generally, general financial records, the priory's registers, cartularies, letter books, Ripon's sermon collection, scattered other sermons, and post-Reformation records of the court of augmentations and consistory acta.
Herein lay the extent and limits of Egyptian overlordship in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.
WilliamWallace was a minor noble from Elderslie and one of the few to take on Edward I when he assumed the overlordship of Scotland.
As Reg Millington writes: ``The earliest mention of Speke occurs in the Domesday Book of 1086, which records that ``Uctred held Spec'' (brushwood in Old English) in 1066, under the overlordship of Count Roger of Poictou.
They deeply resent Syria's overlordship in the postwar era and have still to fully come to grips with the emergence of the Shiite Muslims, the largest sect, as a political power.
29) He is probably Edward Odingsells (c 1389-1466), who inherited the overlordship of Maxstoke on the death of his father in 1403, when Edward was but 14.
It is clear from Procopius that the Merovingians were claiming overlordship in southern England in the 550s, when an embassy sent to Constantinople declared that the Franks ruled over Brittia, which must be some part of the British Isles.
This globalist strategy has served Uzbekistan's desire to get out from under Russia's economic overlordship.
In the first chapter God creates human beings as a kind of last stage and then says have dominion over the whole of the rest of creation and the words 'subdue the earth and fill it' are used which are very strong language, implying intervention and overlordship.