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tr.v. o·ver·lay (-lā′), o·ver·lain (-lān′), o·ver·ly·ing, o·ver·lies
1. To lie over or on.
2. To suffocate (a baby, for example) by accidentally lying on top of it.
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Adj.1.overlying - placed on or over something else; "an overlying image"
superjacent - lying immediately above or on something else
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It was as if two pictures, the scene of my dream, and my actual surroundings, had been blended, one overlying the other, until the former, gradually fading, disappeared, and I was broad awake in the deserted cabin, entirely and tranquilly conscious of my situation.
Hillocks grow into hills, and hills into mountains, each range overlying its neighbor, until they soar up in the giant chain which raises its spotless and untrodden peaks, white and dazzling, against the pale blue wintry sky.
But if, as some geologists suppose, a range of older rocks underlies the Weald, on the flanks of which the overlying sedimentary deposits might have accumulated in thinner masses than elsewhere, the above estimate would be erroneous; but this source of doubt probably would not greatly affect the estimate as applied to the western extremity of the district.
Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.
There was a spirit in Arnold--not easily brought to the surface, through the overlying simplicity and good-humor of his ordinary character--which, once roused, was a spirit not readily quelled.
It is interesting to trace the changes produced by the heat of the overlying lava, on the friable mass, which in parts has been converted into a crystalline limestone, and in other parts into a compact spotted stone Where the lime has been caught up by the scoriaceous fragments of the lower surface of the stream, it is converted into groups of beautifully radiated fibres resembling arragonite.
However, there are still two problems worthy of our attention: (1) whether the fault rupture zone can be exposed at the surface along a fault outcrop and (2) what the deformation of the ground is and what causes significant deformation of the ground caused by a rupture of the overlying soil.
[36-38] were arranged uniformly, which ignored the difference of rock deformation in the overlying strata during excavation.
The unconformable erosional contact between the Jhelum Group and overlying Tobra Formation in the Salt Range and Trans-Indus ranges is not regular and continuous.
The results of surface subsidence measurements can be used for assessing the failure of the strata overlying the exploited seams.
* T4a: The tumor has invaded the anterior orbit, anterior cranial fossa, overlying facial dermis, sphenoid sinus, or frontal sinus.