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A decorative structure or an ornamental panel situated above a mantelpiece.

o′ver·man′tel adj.


(Architecture) an ornamental shelf over a mantelpiece, often with a mirror
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Noun1.overmantel - a shelf over a mantelpieceovermantel - a shelf over a mantelpiece    
shelf - a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
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Bowed under the overmantel, Mr Verloc, holding his head in both hands, seemed to have gone to sleep.
There's every permutation of mirror displayed here, from gilt overmantels designed to sit above the fireplace, to the slick, round Urban option, to a delicate oval mirror in cream - perfect for a lady's boudoir, to the handsome Hampstead design in a manly leather frame.
This was the first important commission for Thomas Chippendale, and he supplied not only mahogany chairs and sofas but also overmantels, girandoles, pier glasses, beds and even towel rails and chamber-pot covers.