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tr.v. o·ver·med·i·cat·ed, o·ver·med·i·cat·ing, o·ver·med·i·cates
To medicate (a patient) excessively.

o′ver·med′i·ca′tion n.
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vb (tr)
(Medicine) to medicate unnecessarily or excessively
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Mary Scollay, New York equine medical director Scott Palmer and former jockey Jerry Bailey discovered horses were being overmedicated during their 75 interviews and months of work on the task force.
I told her that I suspected that she was not suffering from Alzheimer's but from being overmedicated and from anxiety at the time of the testing.
When that fails, as it has, people become "accessories" to war through "detachment, neglect, and inattention," having "forfeited their say", their "grant of authority" to the state to make war is "irrevocable." Domestically, he says "Shrugging off wars makes it that much easier for Americans - overweight, overmedicated, and deeply in hock - to shrug off the persistence of widespread hunger, the patent failures of their criminal justice system, and any number of other problems." In the second rather basic descriptive essay, "Ballpark liturgy", Bacevich highlights this discrepancy between the two one percenters when viewing the military pregame presentation at a Red Sox baseball game where "America's civic religion [is] made manifest....support the troops."
Although many of these young people need psychotropic drugs, a large number are being overmedicated and others are underdiagnosed (32).
"He piled on weight, couldn't get up without assistance and was clearly overmedicated," she said.
They do not need to be overmedicated and many times need help with addictive behaviors.
Pullets amass illustrate just how overmedicated some early
An American national goal of 130 as measured in actual practice may lead many to be overmedicated - making their blood pressures too low.
Too many people are overmedicated, popping pain relievers like candy.
Those discussions emphasized the importance of physical health: being free from pain, well-fed, physically active and well-groomed, having continence needs met, being equipped with glasses and hearing aids and not being overmedicated. Cognitive health was also a priority.
Historically, African-Americans have had the experience of being labeled, overmedicated, being put in in-patient facilities, rather than given out-patient treatment and were exposed to insensitive therapists who did not believe African-Americans could benefit from talk therapy (Sanchez-Hucles, 2016).