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tr.v. o·ver·med·i·cat·ed, o·ver·med·i·cat·ing, o·ver·med·i·cates
To medicate (a patient) excessively.

o′ver·med′i·ca′tion n.
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vb (tr)
(Medicine) to medicate unnecessarily or excessively
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13, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A correct diagnosis of resistant hypertension is necessary to avoid overmedicating, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association published online Sept.
Overmedicating the children to keep them in line was common practice, said three former employees.
Overmedicating makes people's immune systems less effective and therefore means they are more susceptible to getting sick.
Two of the cases involved allegations of overmedicating that led to a patient's death, the website reported.
When a colleague checked on the OAP Bond, 54, called them a "f***g martyr" and joked about overmedicating patients.
That means we often end up overmedicating patients who are suffering with loneliness and treating it with drugs where that is not appropriate.
Our primary goal is to avoid overmedicating patients or treating symptoms with medications that might worsen the situation, such as treating with dopamine antagonists.
The urge to seek "altered states" may be a part of growing up, but we must not exacerbate this propensity by overmedicating children.
The hidden pressures of 'trophy wifing' are leaving many depressed, vulnerable and overmedicating.
The misdiagnosis in high school, false starts with her medication, and growing public debate about pathologizing and overmedicating normal but difficult feelings and behaviors all lent credence to his perspective.
Frank threatened to sue the hospital for overmedicating her husband with morphine.
(34) This is an important consideration if we wish to avoid overmedicating a child with asthma.