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tr.v. o·ver·med·i·cat·ed, o·ver·med·i·cat·ing, o·ver·med·i·cates
To medicate (a patient) excessively.

o′ver·med′i·ca′tion n.


(Medicine) the act or instance of medicating unnecessarily or excessively
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Senator Baldwin recognizes the need to hold the VA accountable because too often our veterans are getting hooked on drugs instead of receiving the care they need, and joined Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to introduce the bipartisan Veterans Overmedication Prevention Act.
She noted that overmedication has been a common practice for decades, saying "It's easier to take care of zombies than of alert people.
Although there has been much debate lately over possible overdiagnosis of attention deficits and overmedication of those diagnosed--as well as discussion about newer, nonpharmacological solutions such as neurofeedback, the end game is helping each camper and staff member have a positive, successful summer at camp (Wallace, 2017b).
One of the most impressive findings in Sprint was that few patients had problems with low blood pressure like becoming lightheaded from overmedication and then falling.
I read all manner of emotional appeal that semester-the white supremacists of the Westminster dog show, sex trafficking and the dairy industry, the overmedication of indoor cats.
Keywords: polypharmacy, overmedication, provider distress, quality of life, deprescribing
Opponents contend that DTC advertisements misinform patients, encourage overmedication and pressurize physicians to prescribe advertised drugs and thus weaken the relationship between patients and physicians (Calfee, 2002; Spake & Joseph, 2007).
UFH carries a high risk of overmedication leading to bleeding; undertreatment can contribute to clot formation or extension.
Obsessive computer coding led to overmedication and, now, disability checks.
High cortisol produces all of the manifestations of overmedication with steroids: central obesity, rising blood sugar, hypertension, and lipid disturbances, while also softening bones and promoting neurode-generation.
Due to overmedication for her frequent high fever episodes, her teeth were affected, causing their decay.
These tests help detect frequently missed causes behind the odd number such as adrenal fatigue, hidden blood loss, autonomic nervous system failure, food sensitivities, hardening of arteries, electrolyte deficiency, overmedication, dehydration, as well as many others.