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So strong as to be overwhelming: an overpowering need for solitude.

o′ver·pow′er·ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.overpoweringly - incapable of being resisted; "the candy looked overwhelmingly desirable to the dieting man"
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It was overpoweringly ridiculous,--we must honestly confess it, --the deportment of the maiden lady while setting her shop in order for the public eye.
Philippe listened attentively to every sound; his heart panted and throbbed at the very suspicion of approaching terror and misfortune; but confident in his own strength, which was confirmed by the force of an overpoweringly resolute determination, he waited until some decisive circumstance should permit him to judge for himself.
The most curious fact with respect to this animal, is the overpoweringly strong and offensive odour which proceeds from the buck.
Mingling with the remembrance thus aroused, there rose in me unbidden, a temptation so overpoweringly vile, and yet so irresistible in the state of my mind at the moment, that it shook me to the soul.
Gladys was languid and rather overpoweringly refined, and conversation became forced.
He looked very good-natured and prepossessing, though overpoweringly gay and free, in contrast with the squalid prison.
The zest was noticeable by its absence while the BBQ sauce was overpoweringly tomato favoured and lacked the zing, smokiness and complexity that it might have.
Mozart's longest and last symphony, critics have called it "overpoweringly great, fiery, artistic, pathetic, sublime." Designed to demystify musical masterpieces in a relaxed and casual setting, Grams, using musical excerpts played by the ESO, will guide an exploration of the composer Mozart, his musical process and the spectacular Jupiter Symphony.
This newish restaurant in Edinburgh's Broughton Street does grown-up, restrained food that is special without being overpoweringly rich or showy-offy.
It's evening-y, but not overpoweringly so, and has a lovely balance between the flowers (jasmine, tuberose) and the rich, earthy base notes.
Owusu has that uncanny skill of portraying a megalomaniac who can still retain a degree of sympathy, particularly during the demise of his wife when his grief is overpoweringly emotional and her "dead-weight" realism perturbingly authentic.