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tr.v. o·ver·praised, o·ver·prais·ing, o·ver·prais·es
To praise excessively.
References in classic literature ?
Serpent, thy overpraising leaves in doubt The vertue of that Fruit, in thee first prov'd: But say, where grows the Tree, from hence how far?
(21) When the decisive moment comes, Elesin Oba, however, is seen as immersed in overpraising life's joys in a highly poetic language, adorned with words and phrases referring to the extreme bliss one can get from earthly pleasures.
You may think I am overpraising but if you have watched this movie by Regal Entertainment, Inc., you would be leaving the cinema with the same feeling.
My mother seemed determined to counterbalance our collective resentment by overpraising the dog on those rare occasions when it was not patently disobedient.
Unfortunately, this overpraising doesn't increase students' sense of efficacy and can lead to disengagement (Cohen & Steele, 2002).
In fact, she ended up overpraising the translation, in Blackwood's view (6 March 1865, MS 30361.
Of course the HFPA, like the Academy, has never been averse to wildly overpraising the frivolous and frothy, but in almost every case it was marching in lockstep with the Academy, not taking a lower road.
Instead of admitting their mistakes, America's leaders have worked to obscure them by endlessly overpraising our "warriors" as so many universal heroes .