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Educated or skilled beyond what is necessary or desired for a particular job.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) having more managerial experience or academic qualifications than required for a particular job


(ˈoʊ vərˈkwɒl əˌfaɪd)

having more education, training, or experience than is required for a job.


[ˌəʊvəˈkwɒlɪfaɪd] ADJcon titulación que excede la exigida
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She spoke about her background where women are expected to remain in the home then talked about what gave her the incentive to work and overcome obstacles including health problems and being either overqualified or under experienced.
A growing number of overqualified young people land lower-profile jobs amid fierce job competition in a protracted economic slump, data showed Thursday.
Distinguished mainly by its overqualified cast and lack of inspiration, Father Figures can't decide whether it's a gross-out comedy or an uplifting tale of brotherly love; it embraces the worst of both worlds.
Clad in a shimmering gold costume, Pia proves that she's overqualified to be the millennial Darna, whose latest incarnation will be played by Liza Soberano.
Owen Farrell, another overqualified water boy for the Argentina game, will also surely come back in.
These findings imply that, in regard to affective commitment and job performance, in terms of organizational learning, it might be better for employees to be just sufficiently qualified or underqualified rather than overqualified.
Many people overlook a seemingly overqualified employee because they believe the person will want more salary than they can afford to pay, will get bored quickly and start complaining, or that they'll quickly leave for a more prestigious position.
ISLAMABAD -- Employees who feel overqualified for their current job are likely to feel dissatisfied with their work and feel stressed,a study said.
It examines what led up to the crisis, detailing the postwar years in England as a period when education expanded, schools became less selective, and further and higher education opportunities increased, and how changes occurred with the shifts in the economy; how current increases in the level of qualifications are not being met by increases in employment opportunities, as more graduates are overqualified but underemployed in low-skilled, low-paid jobs at the expense of managerial and professional high-paid ones; the transformation of class structure that occurred from these changes in employment; how schooling focuses on maintaining social order and substituting for wage incentives in the absence of work; and progressive policy responses.
Because of that, engineering graduates in Russia are forced to work the jobs they are overqualified to do.
The IRGC is overqualified to be designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation," said Mr Bolton.
While there is a quantitative improvement, a quality improvement hasn't yet taken place because many young people remain stuck at jobs for which they are overqualified or jobs that are of low productivity and are unsafe, often within the realm of the informal economy," said Labor and Social Policy Minister Ibrahim Ibrahimi.