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v. o·ver·reached, o·ver·reach·ing, o·ver·reach·es
1. To reach or extend over or beyond.
2. To miss by reaching too far or attempting too much: overreach a goal.
3. To defeat (oneself) by going too far or by doing or trying to gain too much.
4. To get the better of, especially by deceitful cleverness; outwit.
1. To reach or go too far.
2. To overreach oneself.
3. To outwit or cheat others.
4. To strike the front part of a hind foot against the rear or side part of a forefoot or foreleg on the same side of the body. Used of a horse.

o′ver·reach′ n.
o′ver·reach′er n.
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Adj.1.overreaching - revealing excessive self-confidence; reaching for the heights; "vaulting ambition"
bold - fearless and daring; "bold settlers on some foreign shore"; "a bold speech"; "a bold adventure"
References in classic literature ?
without in the least suspecting it) have ended in overreaching himself.
That is very good," said Miss Tita, as if she had become conscious that her own question might have looked overreaching.
Here Buto, the rhinoceros, blundered blindly in his solitary majesty, while by night the great cats paced silently upon their padded feet beneath the dense canopy of overreaching trees toward the broad plain beyond, where they found their best hunting.
To these were added such considerations as the constant residence of Mr Squeers at a long distance from London, which rendered his association with Mrs Sliderskew a mere masquerading frolic, in which nobody was likely to recognise him, either at the time or afterwards; the impossibility of Ralph's undertaking the task himself, he being already known to her by sight; and various comments on the uncommon tact and experience of Mr Squeers: which would make his overreaching one old woman a mere matter of child's play and amusement.
Maasahan na iigihan namin ang pag-fiscalize kay Presidente at pag check and balance sa isang malakas at madalas, overreaching executive lalo na ngayon na napalawig ang batas militar sa Mindanao (We assure that we'll do better in fiscalizing the President and the check and balance of a strong and most of the time overreaching executive, especially now that there is a prolonged military rule in Mindanao),' Hontiveros said in an ambush interview.
He posted: "She once pulled my wife out of a chest freezer in a local supermarket after she had fallen in while overreaching.
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Government Affairs staff is tracking the Environmental Protection Agency's expansion of the jurisdiction of waters covered under the Clean Water Act, noting how a proposed rule "holds unnecessary and overreaching regulatory implications that would adversely affect ready mixed concrete operations, such as washout pits, sedimentation ponds, settling basins.
Today s court ruling again validates manufacturers fight against an overreaching NLRB.
Titled "Come and Take It," it highlights his desire to challenge what he calls "an overreaching federal government.
New York : More than 50 US media organisations joined a protest of the US government seizure of journalist phone records from the Associated Press, describing the action as "an overreaching dragnet.
People realize that the current law has many flaws, from mislabeling to overreaching to lowering standards.