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Represented in excessive or disproportionately large numbers or amounts: "Just as conflict and crisis are greatly overrepresented in dreams, the ordinary stuff of life is underplayed" (Jonathan Gottschall).

o′ver·rep′re·sen·ta′tion (-zĕn-tā′shən, -zən-) n.


represented disproportionately or in too large a number (corresponding to the number in the population, etc)
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Elgin Area School District U-46 officials acknowledged they aren't doing enough to address racial inequities with the overrepresentation of black students in referrals for discipline.
Over the last decade, our province has seen high crime and incarceration rates, little focus on reducing cycles of crime and a continued overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples within the justice system, said Stefanson.
This comes as a section of Kenyans concerned by overrepresentation launch a parallel push for a referendum to slash by more than half the number of MPs.
Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku said it was an opportunity to address the overrepresentation of Maori in mental health statistics.
He also discusses the policies black politicians advocated and passed to control the crime and drug problems affecting their communities, which resulted instead in an overrepresentation of minorities in the criminal justice system.
An overrepresentation of women in the situation of widow or divorced (24% of the characters represented in this statute are women against 14% for men).
An independent review ordered by David Cameron to examine the treatment and outcomes of black and minority ethnic people in the justice system, chaired by David Lammy MP, has unearthed an inequitable scandal of overrepresentation within the prison population of England and Wales.
Instead, one can likely assume a certain degree of capital city bias, or overrepresentation of metropolitan areas in terms of origin of MPs.
It would be a good way to get rid of the huge overrepresentation of military men.
This research finds racial bias, but it's more complicated, with both underrepresentation and overrepresentation of students of color," says study author Rachel Fish, assistant professor of special education at the School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
Keep in mind that the UK's electorate system (single-member districts, first-past-the-post system) makes it very difficult to project the outcome of elections, as it can lead to overrepresentation of the leading party in the House of Commons.
The social and historical overrepresentation of this very particular and privileging descriptive statement, Man, thus disqualifies alternative "genres of the human" from social viability.