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Represented in excessive or disproportionately large numbers or amounts: "Just as conflict and crisis are greatly overrepresented in dreams, the ordinary stuff of life is underplayed" (Jonathan Gottschall).

o′ver·rep′re·sen·ta′tion (-zĕn-tā′shən, -zən-) n.


represented disproportionately or in too large a number (corresponding to the number in the population, etc)
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Shiites got more power, Christians maintained their overrepresentation.
The sample closely resembles the PA population, with an overrepresentation of responses from AAPA members.
I hope to engage all Canadians in a dialogue about historic trauma, the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in jail, as well as hope, healing, and reconciliation," she said.
Thus, part of the overrepresentation problem can be traced to the referral process and not the assessment process (MacMillan & Reschly, 1998).
Such policies have contributed to blacks' overrepresentation in U.
Setting out proposals for how the House of Commons could work once the Scottish Parliament gains major new powers, he said: "Create a Grand Committee; give them a veto power over English/Welsh laws, but make sure that Grand Committee is composed in a way which reflects fairly the votes in England and Wales, and not just the unrepresentative overrepresentation of Tory MPs.
Mr Clark said Koori Courts were a key element of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement, the Victorian Government s blueprint for reducing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people within our justice system, both as offenders and as victims.
In her essay "Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom: Towards the Human, After Man, Its Overrepresentation-An Argument," Wynter takes up the problematic of biocentrism as it relates to the overrepresentation of white bourgeois men as human.
Even if that were true, it misses the point about reducing costs and tackling overrepresentation.
Analyses at different levels (region, state, district) provide some evidence of overrepresentation of Hispanic students (e.
subjects aged 45 years or older, with overrepresentation of blacks and residents of the nation's southeastern "stroke belt.
We insist on hiring a significant overrepresentation of women.