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Represented in excessive or disproportionately large numbers or amounts: "Just as conflict and crisis are greatly overrepresented in dreams, the ordinary stuff of life is underplayed" (Jonathan Gottschall).

o′ver·rep′re·sen·ta′tion (-zĕn-tā′shən, -zən-) n.


represented disproportionately or in too large a number (corresponding to the number in the population, etc)
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Presenting the report, Kabinde said the CEE noted that there continued to be an overrepresentation of the White group both male and female and the Indian group and in top and senior management at the occupational level.
On representation, the finding by the Auditor General is that there is overrepresentation compared to other countries.
Scotland", the charity for "care experienced" youngsters, said: "The overrepresentation of care-experienced people in missing statistics is worrying.
The apolitical of black sociality is the antagonism and critique of what Sylvia Wynter calls the overrepresentation of Man and his politics, his political, one that needs an inside as opposed to outside, an imagination as opposed to rational/reasoned thought (2003).
Edward Argar, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, recently said: "We are committed to tackling the overrepresentation of black, Asian and minority ethnic children in the youth justice system.
And let's concede up front that the vast overrepresentation of rural states in the U.S.
They can boast overrepresentation in the Assembly, where half the cabinet are closet nationalist Welshspeakers and I assume, apart from Leanne Wood, in Plaid Cymru it's a full house.
Sources said that there was some consternation among PTI members about overrepresentation of Swat, the homes district of chief minister that had been given two berths in the cabinet.
Forty-two percent of committee applicants this year were women and 58 percent were men, a slight overrepresentation of women compared to the overall Bar membership where women make up 38 percent of the membership.