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Represented in excessive or disproportionately large numbers or amounts: "Just as conflict and crisis are greatly overrepresented in dreams, the ordinary stuff of life is underplayed" (Jonathan Gottschall).

o′ver·rep′re·sen·ta′tion (-zĕn-tā′shən, -zən-) n.


represented disproportionately or in too large a number (corresponding to the number in the population, etc)
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Throughout her book, Rooks wisely accounts for the role of social class distinctions within the black community, noting that while the magazines often spoke simultaneously to the elite and to the working class, the perspective of the elite was just as often overrepresented. Driven by this class-consciousness yet occasionally working against it, the magazines attempted to reshape white America's perceptions of African American women.
It's not obvious that we should worry about this, or about the fact that certain ethnic groups are "overrepresented" in industries such as restaurants or, ahem, solid waste disposal, or even that private individuals and institutions seek to use race-conscious remedies to address such social problems as teenage pregnancy, high school dropouts, financial literacy, or various vestiges of racism or other bigotry.
Studies also show that in some states Latino students tend to be overrepresented in charter schools and that these schools tend to spring up in lower income areas.
Therefore, CIC is overrepresented in the sample; CIC patients actually make up a very small subgroup among chronic coughers, the investigators noted.
* Furthermore, children from broken homes are more likely to be engaging in criminal activity and are disproportionally overrepresented in the prison population.
Rural students were overrepresented in the total sample because when presentations were made to the entire seventh-grade class, more students volunteered to participate than expected.
Complaints from Asians were also overrepresented - they made 8% of complaints but comprise 4% of the population.
The ultimate reference is to the specter of fascism, "la peste brune,' Europe's overrepresented trauma, which has become imaginatively unreal: It Could Never Happen Today.
Data show that students from some minority populations are overrepresented within the special education population, yet there is insufficient policy to address the fact that poverty and disability go hand in hand.
The researchers found that certain combinations of HLA-gene variants were underrepresented or overrepresented in various patient categories.
But even more impressive was Hug's speculative "twelfth city," in which a dozen artists were asked to respond to "the design of a Utopia." This may have simply been a way to accommodate a spillover of talented artists from certain overrepresented cities and countries, but it worked: Projects ranged from the busy and wryly conceptual (Brazilian architects Isay Weinfeld and M arcio Kogan imagined a thoroughly militarized metropolis complete with armored bateaux mouches, an international bourse, and a refugee park) to the whimsical and elegant (American Sarah Sze's bright corner-hugging sculpture in her usual ready-at-hand materials stretched up several stories of the building, illuminating nuances of Niemeyer's structure).
'It means the criminal justice system is dominated by young people and it is absurd we don't consider the experiences of black young people who are overrepresented in terms of the proportion.' Prof Wilson's study will focus on people's initial contact with the criminal justice system and how it affected their subsequent experiences.