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 (ō′vər-sō′, ō′vər-sō′)
tr.v. o·ver·sewed, o·ver·sewn (-sōn′) or o·ver·sewed, o·ver·sew·ing, o·ver·sews
To sew with overhand stitches.
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Adj.1.oversewn - sewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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Four patients had bile leaks identified during surgery that were oversewn. Two patients had postoperative complications.
The enlarged hydrocele wall was removed, and its edges were oversewn in the surgery.
Echocardiographic examination confirmed no change in ventricular function and the diverticulum was amputated and the defect oversewn in two layers.
In order to make the two orifices more congruent, a ductoplasty was performed with part of the recipient bile duct being oversewn and an end-to-end choledochocholedochostomy being created with running circumferential 50 absorbable sutures.
This patient presented at 23 weeks placental tissue protruding through the serosa; thus, the uterus was oversewn to cover the exposed placental tissue.
The pulmonary vessels were doubly ligated and the corresponding lobar bronchi were ligated and oversewn. Pneumonectomy was performed if the affected lung was massively destroyed.
He was subsequently taken to the operating room, the fistula was identified, and the area oversewn with the scalene medius muscle while protecting the phrenic nerve; however, a small leak was still observed.
Both renal veins had the thrombus excluded from circulation via side biting vascular clamping and were oversewn after division with 4-0 vascular Prolene baseball suture.
The ventriculus was closed with 5-0 PDS (Ethicon; Johnson & Johnson, Somerville, NJ, USA) in a continuous apposing pattern oversewn with 6-0 PDS in a Lembert pattern.
When a CL is identified during surgery, the thoracic duct may be ligated with surgical clips or oversewn with nonabsorbable suture.
The left-sided lesion was broader-based and was inverted and oversewn. A nasogastric tube was placed and the patient remained in hospital postoperatively for five days until oral intake was resumed.
(4,19) Recurrent pneumothorax in PAM should be managed with thoracotomy and excision of affected areas of lung, and subsequent lung defects should be oversewn and buttressed.