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In the transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a spiritual essence or vital force in the universe in which all souls participate and that therefore transcends individual consciousness.
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(Philosophy) philosophy the universal divine essence
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(ˈoʊ vərˌsoʊl)

(esp. in transcendentalism) a supreme reality or mind.
[1841, Amer.; coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson]
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The central idea explored here by Brownson, having devastating possible consequences for the religious and scientific establishment, was the following: if science--that is mesmerism or animal magnetism (having affinities with Baron Reichenbach's concept of the "od," or the doctrine regarding the "spirit of the world," very close to the Transcendentalist notion of the Oversoul, itself derived from Hinduism's idea of Atman or Mahatman / "Soul of the World," "Great Soul": Sanskr.
At one point, Lane observes of Peale's emphasis both on belief in oneself and belief in God, "It was as if, tellingly, the two had fused in his mind and become interchangeable." This is not so far from the tradition of healthy-mindedness; for Whitman and Emerson, the soul is at one with the Oversoul, part of a greater Cosmic Self.
Thoreau, que apelava a uma oversoul, ou forca moral de carater divino que impregna toda a natureza, ou ainda A.
Sometimes gunpowder smells good." (3) I suggest that these two Emersons share the same conceptual horizon--that the disengaged transcendental eyeball Emerson peddling visions of the Oversoul and the gun-toting, bloodlusting Emerson collecting donations for John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry evince an important and unacknowledged structural continuity.
In place of the self-reliant individual tapping into and utilizing the unconscious energies of the Oversoul, she dramatized herself as the journalist whose public reflections brought to the surface unseen political energies located in the communal psyche of the body politic.
Our souls are nested in an Oversoul; our consciousness is an inlet to a greater Consciousness that is timeless and wise, new and old, intuitive and rational.
Whether there are plural selves or souls or a more pantheistic oversoul, the primary weight of reality may just as easily rest with the spiritual in such a way that the material individuation so essential to our present sense of personal self may be only a way of releasing us onto this plane, or a muted transmission of a higher intensity of spiritual life.
- Other bugs, such as one that lets players remove the Presence of Crota and makes Oversoul appear destroyed when it's not, have also been fixed.
There's a marked tendency in the local R & B scene to "oversoul," going overboard on the melisma like Christina Aguilera on meth, or belting like there's no tomorrow.
127) dispatches Le Bon to the hoary realm of prophets who explain human behavior by invoking an "oversoul," collective mind, or other mystical abstractions.
They kept this pretense up long after they had traded in their Bibles for Unitarianism and Emerson's Oversoul. To this day when anyone says "America," the image of Massachusetts comes reflexively to many minds.