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v. o·ver·spent (-spĕnt′), o·ver·spend·ing, o·ver·spends
To spend more than is prudent or necessary.
1. To spend in excess of: overspend one's income.
2. To tire out; exhaust: was overspent with toil.

o′ver·spend′er n.
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someone who overspends
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He associates the acronym for "Jewish American Princess" with the blatantly misogynist jokes his youth, which played on stereotypes of the Jewish woman as basically the worst kind of wife, a frigid, whiny, overspender: "What does a JAP make for dinner?
Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic novels (2009-2016) have sold millions, and readers never tire of their favorite overspender as she shops her way through relationships, marriage, childbirth, and beyond.
But Lily does like things to go her way - she had a little strop when her mum described her as an "overspender" and a bigger strop when members of a focus group made some critical remarks.
The USA is not a habitual overspender, it does not normally live beyond its means.
(132) It thus fails to distinguish between a chronic overspender and a family forced into bankruptcy by a large and unexpected expense.
The United States, far from being a profligate overspender running up trade deficits (an idea popularized by investors Warren Buffet and Pete Peterson), is actually a country with capital lined up on its borders trying to get in.
It added to its reputation as an overspender in August 2001 when it bought German brewer Beck's for 13 times its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) - a price investors thought was too high.
For instance, an overspender might go back to a childhood memory where they stole some sweets on impulse.
Remember, an overspender is not just an individual who spends more than they earn, an overspender is also an individual who pays too much for things.
As a psychotherapist who happens to be a "recovering overspender," I definitely understand how daunting the task is of helping others (and oneself) to move from self-defeating behaviors to more positive ones.
It later got a reputation as an overspender when it paid more for German brewer Beck's than the market deemed adequate in August 2001.