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tr.v. o·ver·stressed, o·ver·stress·ing, o·ver·stress·es
1. To place too much emphasis on: I cannot overstress the importance of keeping the kitchen clean.
2. To subject to excessive physical or emotional stress.
3. To subject to mechanical force, pressure, or excess voltage to the point of deformation.
n. (ō′vər-strĕs′)
1. The fact or condition of being overstressed.
2. An instance of being overstressed: an overstress in a cable caused by a lightning strike.

o′ver·stress′ n.


vb (tr)
1. to place too much emphasis on
2. to cause too much physical or emotional stress to
3. to subject to too much mechanical strain
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Verb1.overstress - place special or excessive emphasis on; "I cannot overemphasize the importance of this book"
exaggerate, hyperbolise, hyperbolize, overstate, amplify, magnify, overdraw - to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery"
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HS2 is not just about journey times being cut - it's about increasing capacity on an overstressed system.
And the subway system that is already overstressed will now have to absorb more people.
The importance of women as a future source of [seafaring] human resources cannot be overstressed, IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim told around 5,000 participants of the International Filipino Seafarers Day celebration at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.
Many people are lonely and others overstressed, trying to meet ever rising expectations and to give their loved ones a happy Christmas against a background of lower disposable income and increasing demands of work.
We know it's part of a linkage system which was found to "be significantly overstressed during certain combinations of loading" in 2010.
Eight of these aquifers lost significant water over the decade and were classified as overstressed, with nearly no natural water replenishment to offset withdrawals.
Hair that is overstressed and thinning can add more years to one's look than wrinkles, and no one can bear having a bad hair day every day.
It added that the germanwings co-pilot was suffering from being overstressed and was severely depressive, according to personal notes found.
This leads to an overworked, overstressed police force that can understandably become suspicious of everyone in the neighborhoods it patrols.
There is enormous satisfaction in knowing that by caring for a senior person, you have also given relief to overstressed family members who may not have been coping.
This is why the weaker wrist extensors become overstressed.