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Noun1.overstuffed chair - a comfortable upholstered armchairoverstuffed chair - a comfortable upholstered armchair  
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
wing chair - easy chair having wings on each side of a high back
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But I swear he had some sort of spider sense, because as the meeting began to wind down, he opened his eyes, looked up, and proceeded to spring out of his overstuffed chair just as his Chinese counterpart did.
But once in the presence of the imposing neurosurgeon with the faint German accent, the little boy grew shy, parking himself in an overstuffed chair in one corner as his mother hugged her hero.
I clear away some magazines from the seat of an overstuffed chair.
This will be a working trip in many ways rather than a vacation, but I'll have some time to sit around in an overstuffed chair now and then and just read.
Grandmama smiled and looked past Gigi to the parlor, where Mama's brand-new overstuffed chair sat in the warm sunshine.
On super-hot days, I liked to sink clown into an overstuffed chair in the basement, where it was nice and cool.
It doesn't take a discriminating hiney to know the difference between the experience of a soft overstuffed chair and an ultra-modern hard wood chair ...
From the comfort of your favorite overstuffed chair, the exquisite photography in this book takes you on a personal "musical" tour of Austria, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic, introducing you to some of their composers.
But if you just can't part with your overstuffed chair or sofa, try this trick to help you get up: Slide forward until you are near the front of the seat.
The clothing she wears, her "little black dress," further complicates our understanding, as it seemingly belies the very domesticity invoked by the well worn overstuffed chair behind her.
The installation of a sizeable area rug does not prevent the room from being considerably more reverberant than before, although the presence of an overstuffed couch, an overstuffed love seat, and an overstuffed chair tends to dampen out the reflections somewhat.
They also have a very fine down-filled couch that was custom built for them in Europe and a comfortable overstuffed chair they wanted to save.