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tr.v. o·ver·taxed, o·ver·tax·ing, o·ver·tax·es
1. To subject to an excessive burden or strain.
2. To tax in excess of what is considered appropriate or just.

o′ver·tax·a′tion n.
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(Law) the act or instance of being overtaxed
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County Board Chairman Jack Franks said the fund's rich balance was the result of years of overtaxation. He proposed the rebate last fall.
He warned that overtaxation was one of the reasons for the high of living.
The government must realise that overtaxation discourages business and when there is no business, there is no employment.
"Will these politicians know what it is like to live through the misery of underpayment, overtaxation, contractual employment, heavily in debt, lack of social services and pepetual anxiety?" said De Guzman.
Commenting on the president's seemingly defeatist tone,Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino said Duterte should addressthe "overtaxation of oil.
'The Duterte administration remains condemnable for remaining adamant to the pleas of the majority of Filipinos living on intermittent incomes who have been adversely affected by overtaxation,' said Luke Espiritu, president of BMP.
TRAIN-1 addressed the urgent need to relieve our middle class and the poor, particularly wage and salary earners, from overtaxation via the income tax.
Overtaxation, overregulation, absence of a level playing field and high cost of doing business have partially contributed to this situation.
This Article shows that this is inappropriate as a matter of fundamental tax policy and results in the overtaxation of the working family.
Instead, Besant indicts Indian overpopulation alongside British imperial overtaxation. Indian peasants are impoverished not only because their numbers are too great, but also because their crops are too highly taxed.
And while it's surely no shock that Huckabee thinks overtaxation and overregulation have made California a less desirable place to live than Texas, his use of a U-Haul trailer price index to prove his point is admirably clever.
Overtaxation. Government as the head of the household.