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Molly then taking a thigh-bone in her hand, fell in among the flying ranks, and dealing her blows with great liberality on either side, overthrew the carcass of many a mighty heroe and heroine.
Not that the strenuous arm of Molly reached all these; for many of them in their flight overthrew each other.
The same thing was brought about at Heraclea, soon after the settlement of the city, by the same persons; for the citizens of note, being ill treated by them, quitted the city, but afterwards joining together they returned and overthrew the popular state.
Letters of reprisal were granted, and a war ensued, which in its consequences overthrew all the alliances that but twenty years before had been formed with sanguine expectations of the most beneficial fruits.
"66 years ago today, a coup instigated by the US and the UK overthrew the democratically-elected Government of Iran," he wrote on his twitter page on Monday.
Fair enough, but he is only one of thousands of Egyptians who have been murdered or tortured by the military regime that overthrew him in 2013.
A special statement by the Nineveh Operations Command of the popular crowd said that a special ambush was carried out north of Ayadhiyah district, north of Tal Afar district, during which it overthrew what it called "Wali of Tal Afar" in Daesh " Wahid Umniah " with his personal companion.
He was speaking on the 65th anniversary of a U.S.-backed coup that overthrew a democratically elected Iranian prime minister, an occasion when anti-American sentiment runs particularly high in the Islamic Republic.
Francois, a historian from France, describes the military coup that occurred in Chile in September 1973, which overthrew President Salvador Allende, ended Chilean democracy, and installed a violent dictatorship.
Besides the opposition parties, he said yesterday, the organisations of farmers, labourers and lawyers will also be the part of the protest going to be organised to overthrew Sharifs regime.
In fact, the Philippines experienced a revolutionary government under Corazon Aquino as a consequence of the 1986 People Power Revolution that overthrew Ferdinand Marcos from power.
An Egyptian court sentences the Muslim Brotherhood's leader and 35 other people to life in prison over violent clashes after the army overthrew Islamist president Muhammad Mursi, a judicial official said.