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I saw clearly the cultivated ranges, and the several mountain-chains that run parallel with the side, and the volcanoes that overtop Mouna-Rea, which rise 5,000 yards above the level of the sea.
At each period of growth all the growing twigs have tried to branch out on all sides, and to overtop and kill the surrounding twigs and branches, in the same manner as species and groups of species have tried to overmaster other species in the great battle for life.
It would overtop the Houses of Parliament, and even the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
It was which of us should overtop the other in sentiment.
There is use also of ambitious men, in pulling down the greatness of any subject that overtops; as Tiberius used Marco, in the pulling down of Sejanus.
It was hard to believe that that lofty wooded rampart on the left which so overtops the Jungfrau was not actually the higher of the two, but it was not, of course.
"And so lofty she is," said Sancho, "that she overtops me by more than a hand's-breadth."
The brow of the upland overtops the square tower of the Colebrook Church.
Campaigner, Elliot Blaauw, 66, of Inverness, said: "The Clyde will overtop in 20 years, so that's what the boat is for."
The Clyde will overtop in 20 years, that's what the boat is for, it's a symbol of the water rising."
Heavy rains from storms Gareth and Hannah caused the dam on the reservoir to overtop over the weekend, swamping 300 acres across four of Mr Jones farms between Montgomery and Welshpool.