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v. o·ver·trad·ed, o·ver·trad·ing, o·ver·trades
1. To buy and sell securities too frequently, resulting in excessive volatility or high transaction costs.
2. To exceed the ability of a business to finance its operations by increasing sales too rapidly.
To buy and sell securities in (a market) too frequently.
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Despite there being several other supermarkets nearby, the local authority's chief planning officer said the retail firm had proved there was a need for the new store amid claims its rivals are "overtrading".
(127) Otherwise, the research earned through overtrading would result in a drag on client returns, causing the market to punish the adviser through fleeing clients.
The greatest challenge I would say we have been facing is the overtrading that the NDDC has been involved in.
Much earlier Lord Overstone, a leading member of the Currency School, had pointed towards widespread "overtrading" ([1857] 1972, p.
These include poor loan quality of up to 21 per cent of shareholders' funds compared with 1-2 percent in Europe and America; overtrading, abandoning the true function of banking to focus on quick profit ventures such as trading in forex and tilting their funding support in favour of import-export trade instead of manufacturing; reliance on unstable public sector funds for their deposit base; forcing their female marketing staff to engage in unwholesome conduct to meet unjustifiable targets in deposit mobilization; and high cost of funds.
Like Envestnet | PMC's other QPs, the Gender Equity Large Cap Core Portfolio is managed using tax-smart techniques and capabilities to position the portfolio for potential "tax alpha." In order to prevent overtrading, PMC weighs tax-loss harvesting opportunities against risk and trading costs and can manage the portfolio according to client-specific complex tax situations.
This can help minimise the risk of overtrading, where chasing a significant increase in demand can leave a business with insufficient working capital to meet day-to-day costs such as rent and payroll or resource.
De todo modo, e preciso ressaltar que esse aporte eventual de outras fontes, talvez ate reflexo da situacao de overtrading temporario, possa ocorrer e nao necessariamente venha a comprometer as entidades, uma vez que, na composicao conjunta de estrutura das variaveis CDG, NCG e T para cada entidade, evidenciaram-se recursos de longo prazo proprios e de terceiros suficientes para financiar todo o ativo economico e ainda gerar um excedente disponivel para aplicacao por intermedio do T positivo.