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n. Games
A card trick won in excess of contract or game, as in bridge.


(Bridge) bridge a trick by which a player exceeds his contract


(ˈoʊ vərˌtrɪk)

a trick in bridge in excess of the number bid.


[ˈəʊvətrɪk] Nbaza f de más
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lCarson goes on to ride two winners at Windsor where High Rank (Fulke Johnson Houghton) gets the better of Overtrick in the juvenile maiden and Lorelene (Luca Cumani) wins the 12-furlong handicap from Body Blow.
You are certain of ten tricks but it is pairs and so the overtrick would be useful.
At match pointed pairs, you should play for the overtrick by laying down the ace of diamonds, hoping for a singleton king.
If the heart finesse works you make at least an overtrick.
On Board 7, against Zulfi-Siraj Salam they netted two overtricks in 4H which was a top score.
If it loses you will have your nine tricks, if it wins you will probably make some number of overtricks.
Redoubled overtricks at 400 a time also looked very expensive to East who had the decision of standing his ground or running to a 'cheaper' spot.