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Noun1.overutilisation - exploitation to the point of diminishing returns
exploitation, development - the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
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When the PDD/DDD ratio is either less than or greater than 1, it may indicate that there is either under or overutilisation of drugs.
Therefore, additional tracks will be required to balance the overutilisation of the tracks.
Despite this, there is evidence to suggest that overutilisation of the AMS for paediatric transfer is relatively common internationally.
India, March 11 -- As organisations witness an increased demand on data centres, CIOs are now facing data centre overutilisation problems.
LMI will also help locate inappropriate overutilisation of services or referrals.
The rating action is based on the overutilisation of the firm's standby line of credit for more than 90 days.
In 1977 devil's claw was declared a "protected plant" due to concerns over possible overutilisation.
There is growing concern about resistance and overutilisation of antibiotics for sinusitis-like symptoms in primary care.