fixed idea

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fixed idea

an idea, esp one of an obsessional nature, that is persistently maintained and not subject to change. Also: idée fixe
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i•dée fixe

(i deɪ ˈfiks)

pl. i•dées fixes (i deɪ ˈfiks)
a persistent or obsessing idea, often delusional, that in extreme form can be a symptom of psychosis. Also called fixed idea.
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Psychiatrically, those extreme ideological positions appear to be consistent with Jasper's criteria for a delusion (a belief with an unparalleled degree of subjective feeling of certainty that cannot be influenced by experience or arguments) or McHugh's definition of an overvalued idea, which resembles an egosyntonic obsession that is relished, amplified, and defended.
Distorted beliefs in AN may range from an overvalued idea to an overt delusion, that may imply affective and/or personality components and even a psychotic disorder (6).
Logan uses the example of Zehaf-Bibeau to discuss people who terrorize to protect an "overvalued idea." Bibeau was the Muslim convert who murdered a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottowa last October and was killed in a shootout in a nearby parliament building.