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Excessively enthusiastic: overzealous movie fans.

o′ver·zeal′ous·ly adv.
o′ver·zeal′ous·ness n.


in an excessively zealous manner
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For example, should the FCC proceed hastily or overzealously to deregulate AT&T and/or the BOCs to a point where the industry believes it is confronted with the prospect of a return to the days of more-limited service options and economic choices, I would not be very surrised to see blcoking legislation considered in Congress.
The Muslims they overzealously represent are just like the white community: they want to be safe.
litigated overzealously due to the "allure of punitive
* anterior and posterior colporrhaphy in which vaginal plication and trimming are performed overzealously.
But one provision in House Bill 2485 is prompting some to question whether the war on meth is overzealously targeting law-abiding Oregonians who need relief from colds.
values may be swept aside and settlements overzealously pursued.
She continually cautions her charges about rights and wrongs, particularly Derek (Bokeem Woodbine) and Stig (Frank Gillo), who overzealously blast their way through every assignment.
First, it is possible that public interest groups act overzealously because groups that cannot deliver material benefits must resort to provision of expressive and solidary benefits.(119) Proponents of empowerment, however, see as "more durable, and ultimately more persuasive, [the] appeal of tangible long term progress towards goals that are important to their members."(120) Second, proponents note that group leaders may have an incentive to convince the membership that the symbolic victories they deliver are important.
The sickening influence on American society of the media's fixation on celebrities was the subject of Albee's 1983 play The Man Who Had Three Arms, which was somewhat overzealously attacked by critics who defensively ignored the play's truths and concentrated on its considerable disingenuousness.
violent acts in these data are strongly disapproved."(71) Given the changes in arrest and prosecution policies, as well as the increased public pressure in the ten years since Ferraro and Boychuk conducted their study, it is just as likely that domestic assault and battery cases are being treated more seriously than nondomestic assault and battery cases, even overzealously in some instances.
It does this by ensuring that the state does not overzealously prosecute persons who might be innocent and ensuring that criminal investigations and prosecutions are comprehensive.
'There are some elements within the party have overzealously displayed support for this leader and that leader.