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Excessively enthusiastic: overzealous movie fans.

o′ver·zeal′ous·ly adv.
o′ver·zeal′ous·ness n.


in an excessively zealous manner
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standards creates the danger that the IRS may overzealously enforce the
But the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has come out with a pretty strong statement, (4) as has ACOG, (5) on this therapy, and I caution people about overzealously offering a very costly procedure targeted to a very vulnerable population, especially to women with personal histories of estrogen-sensitive cancers.
Similarly, every school in Australia has at least one cupboard full of unused computer or video devices that were overzealously purchased, but never made it past the planning stage of implementation.
Edward Hussey suggests that the phrase was overzealously inserted by someone who took it from its subsequent appearance at 4.
It is also with dismay that we note the snail's pace at which Mary Jane's cases have so far proceeded in the Philippines, due mainly to the high-handed dilatory legal tactics that the defense lawyers of Mary Jane's human traffickers have overzealously resorted to before the court.
appears more concerned about a lack of willingness in the international community to conduct humanitarian interventions, rather than nations intervening overzealously.
Meanwhile, perhaps motivated by the rewards and penalties offered by the government, some officials responsible for administering the alcohol trade seem to have responded to the SFDIC's presence by overzealously enforcing the excise law against the company's agents and retailers of its products.
Although overzealously rewarding public officials, Greece had maintained low interest rates which fueled domestic spending and spurred inflation in wages and goods, which in turn made their exports more expensive and left imports relatively cheaper, but this was just a temporary and imaginary success.
By overzealously curtailing the range of Adam's inquiry, Raphael contributes to his pupil's downfall by stifling his ability freely to explore the created order via his God-given reason, the angel functioning, in the process, in a manner akin to that of the licensors against which Areopagitica argues.
What is more sadly shocking is when a very incompetent White person survives in a department that tries overzealously to get rid of a competent racially or culturally different person.