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Excessively enthusiastic: overzealous movie fans.

o′ver·zeal′ous·ly adv.
o′ver·zeal′ous·ness n.
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the quality of being excessively zealous
the quality of being overzealous
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'They have built a case of corruption and overzealousness against him over time, it's not an emergency action, so it may be difficult for the decision to be rescinded,' the source said further.
In sharp contrast, the overzealousness of the revenue managers here to set unrealistic revenue targets and implement changes with knee: jerk actions, runs the risk of dismantling the entire underlying structure of the Pakistani economic activity.
Noor-ul-Lughaat was criticised for its overzealousness to give up certain words as well as for its many errors.
Humans have a complex relationship with meat, one that we don't like to examine in too much detail (our--at the time of writing, current--Prime Minister, Scott Morrison was so outraged that he referred to the protesters as 'green-collared criminals', (2) with all of the overzealousness of a school bully who has just realised that your name rhymes with a bodily expulsion).
"I want him to immediately feel and experience how to balance the plight of those at the receiving end of the abuses and overzealousness of some police officers in the conduct of their operations with the side of law enforcement itself," he added.
But whether this is sanctioned by their bosses or just sheer overzealousness is what Corridors couldn't authenticate.
147), the "[...] air of fanaticism or at least of overzealousness to the supposed requirement always to maximize the good [...]" renders utilitarianism unreliably demanding.
However it looks like Malik, perhaps acting on a cue, has developed a somewhat jaundiced perspective about J & K's political parties -- a trait which reeks of partisanship and overzealousness.
" class="MsoNormalHe claimed that his client's tribulations may be politically instigated or due to the overzealousness of officials who want to be seen to be delivering on their duties.
I hope the interior secretary can rein in the overzealousness of his subalterns.
Overzealousness can be a particular problem during these maneuvers, as participants may over contract the lower back instead of distributing the extension to the upper back as well, thus placing extra stress on the lumbar spine.
It can sometimes be caused by a little bit of overzealousness - it's nothing more than that.