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Excessively enthusiastic: overzealous movie fans.

o′ver·zeal′ous·ly adv.
o′ver·zeal′ous·ness n.


the quality of being excessively zealous
the quality of being overzealous
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But nowadays the child finds an environment typical of schools and learning institutions pervading even his house, 'courtesy' the parents whose overzealousness sometimes puts the child through harrowing experiences.
Meanwhile, Nirav Modi has virtually wrung his arms in the air saying PNB's overzealousness has shut the doors on his ability to clear the dues, which he claimed is much lower than the bank has gone public with.
Asked if he saw lapses in the PNP's antidrug campaign, Dela Rosa admitted in Filipino: 'Perhaps overzealousness and our inability to cleanse our ranks of opportunist narco-cops affected our campaign.
this uncut wire would be altogether too costly an operation," he had mused a week earlier; he would not "have a good operation spoiled by overzealousness.
NEPRA, in it's overzealousness to support the initiative was more loyal than the monarch.
What he thinks it won't do is lead to an overzealousness in the diagnosis of bipolar depression.
The sympathy that is used in the play to empathize with the suicide of Kurunmi is only manipulated into sympathizing with Kurunmi's blunders and probably absolves him of his overzealousness.
It feels like incompetence has been replaced with overzealousness.
A tribute act re-enacts Francie's overzealousness and Josie's garrulous repartee to wide-boy effect, this is old-school comedy rarely see now.
That overzealousness gave so-called reformers a perfect opening during their general attack on public education.
It was Mapes' character flaws--her overzealousness and self-righteousness--that got her into trouble.
The overzealousness of young contestants mixed with the warm weather caused many youngsters participating in the Youth Race to seek medical aid once at the finish line.