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intr.v. o·vi·pos·it·ed, o·vi·pos·it·ing, o·vi·pos·its
To lay eggs, especially by means of an ovipositor.

o′vi·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
o′vi·po·si′tion·al adj.
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Female turtles, presumed gravid, were tracked using telemetry and visually to their respective ovipositing sites.
radiata, treatments of 9 (6[female]:36), 18 (12 [female]:6[male]), or 45 (30[female]:15[male]) T radiata were released into cages after adequate time was given for progeny, of a standardized ovipositing cohort of 60 adult D.
Linking landscape patterns of resource distribution with models of aggregation in ovipositing stream insects.
Moreover, it is well documented in the literature that in most hymenopterous parasitoids the accurate assessment of the host suitability for offspring development is important since females are supposed to maximize their reproductive success by ovipositing on high-quality hosts and that the plants influence strongly through the hosts the development and performance of the third trophic level (Godfray, 1994).
The bromeliads may offer damp habitat to Enicocephalidae during dry periods and provide prey in the form of adult insects ovipositing into bromeliad or immature stages that emerge from bromeliads.
(2003) Habitat utilization by ovipositing females and larvae in an endangered population of the moth Dysauxes ancilla (Lepidoptera:Ctenuchidae).
It is also worth noting that we observed some females were capable of ovipositing at daybreak (i.e., early morning), before full sunlight, even though this species is considered nocturnal.
(2006), which the objective was to study the effects of andiroba and copaiba oils on Phoridae pests of meliponine bee hives, it was observed that females of this family avoided ovipositing on pots that contained a mixture of pollen and andiroba oil.
Despite many hours of watching various rapids on the Yarra, this ovipositing was not observed.
citri during the psyllids 3rd 4th or 5th instars nymphal development (Skelley and Hoy 2004) by ovipositing particularly underneath the fourth and fifth instar nymph.