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A small theropod dinosaur of the genus Oviraptor of the Cretaceous Period, characterized by slender limbs, grasping hands, and a short toothless beak. Some oviraptor fossils have been found with eggs, which they may have been brooding rather than eating, as was originally thought.

[New Latin Ōviraptor, genus name : Latin ōvum, egg; see ovum + raptor, one who seizes; see raptor.]
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(Palaeontology) a bipedal dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, having a toothless jaw and long forelimbs with clawed fingers
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Other dinosaurs introduced in the book include Protoceratops, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Oviraptor and Ornitolestes.
He assumed the eggs belonged to Protoceratops but later analysis would show that the finds were the spawn of a small previously unknown predator called Oviraptor ("Egg Thief."), discovered by Roy's tech George Olson.
The boy, Charlie Edwards, visited the museum with his family and pointed out that the sign for the Oviraptor exhibit was mislabeled, showing another dinosaur instead.
Charlie Edwards, who has Asperger's, realised a silhouette image labelled as an oviraptor, a small carnivore with a beak, was in fact the sheep-sized herbivore protoceratops.
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In the microstructure of eggshells, researchers have found evidence of the direct transition between nonbird dinosaurs and birds: primitive theropod dinosaurs have a single layer of calcite; oviraptor dinosaurs, which are more birdlike, have two layers; and troodontid dinosaurs, which are even closer to birds on the evolutionary tree, have three layers, the same number of layers seen in eggs laid by modern birds.
A 2009 study in the journal Science suggested that it was males of the small, carnivorous dinosaurs Troodon and Oviraptor that incubated their eggs.
Other stars of the show are animatronic models of the Protoceratops, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Camarasaurus and the earliest living bird, Archaeopteryx, as well as fossils of pterosaurs, pliosaurs and ammonites.
The Florida dealer was also accused of illegally importing from Mongolia a second, nearly complete Tyrannosaurus batr skeleton, two Saurolophus skeletons and two Oviraptor skeletons.
Bell said the government will also get to keep a Chinese flying dinosaur that Prokopi illegally imported; a skeleton of a Saurolophus, a duckbilled, plant eating dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period; and two Oviraptor skeletons, one found at Prokopi's home and the other at another residential dwelling in Florida.
Yes, we may be talking about a Tarbosaurus, Oviraptor, Protoceratops, Velociraptor, Gallimimus and Camarasaurus - but let's, instead, say hello (and please don't get too close) to Zeek, Albert, Nel, Shirley, Sid and (everyone's favourite, it seems) Toby.