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Of or relating to a device whose operation is based on the Ovshinsky effect.

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(Electronics) electronics using ovonics
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US solar power systems maker Energy Conversion Devices (NASDAQ:ENER), or ECD, announced a plan to dispose of its battery unit Ovonic Battery Company (OBC) as it wants to focus on its solar operations.
In addition, ECD's Ovonic Materials Division is the pioneer in NiMH battery technology, and is developing low cost fuel cells, hydrogen production from bioreformation, and hydrogen storage technologies.
A comparative analysis of the top 10 industry players including Solar, Inc., United Solar Ovonic, LLC, Sharp Corporation, Kaneka Corporation, Trony Solar Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Work in electronics anywhere in Baja California was closed to him, so in 2007, he found a job at Unisolar Ovonic, an American maquiladora that assembles solar panels.
The companies are calling the thin film selector an Ovonic Threshold Switch (OTS), which acts like a resister between the stacked layers of PCM chips.
ECD, through its wholly owned subsidiary, United Solar Ovonic, will contribute UNI-SOLAR brand photovoltaic laminates in exchange for equity in the projects.
United Solar Ovonic, a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices Inc., builds integrated and commercial rooftop photovoltaics, one of the fastest growing segments of the solar power industry.